The Playing Lesson

The most underrated lesson is the playing lesson. You practice and work hard on your golf swing hitting range ball after range ball. But you may not know how to score or to play certain shots because the driving range does not give you all the playing conditions. Here is a list of what I cover with a student on the golf course:

*Pre-shot routine evaluation
*Club selection
*Green evaluation on approach shots
*Green reading
*Hole Strategy
*Curving the ball
*Mental preparations
*Wind conditions
*Assessing lie of the ball for proper shot selection
*Assessing distance and proper club selections
*Tee box alignment
*Relaxation techniques
*Equipment evaluation
*Rules of golf
*How to practice after the round

For more information on a playing lesson, please contact Arizona Golf Instructor, Rob Camacho and book your next golf playing lesson today!

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