Golf Lessons

I don’t think I have met a golfer that did not want to improve. Have you? So, why are many golfers not taking golf lessons? Is it because of a bad experience with a teaching professional? Is it too expensive? Perhaps you have friend or a relative that can help you with your golf game, right? And it’s free! The golf lesson, instruction and coaching should help, right? And you are certain for improvement, right? I mean, I would think so. The golf instructor and student must be on the same page. It is your responsibility as well as the teaching professional’s responsibility for your improvement. How much time do you have for practice? Are you willing to devote the time for practice? Are you going to do your homework and do drills for improvement? Is your instructor actually listening to what you want to achieve. Does he or show know what your specific goals are? Maybe you do not want to change your swing, but you need help on how to play better. Maybe you need help on specific shots. Maybe you just need some coaching and not necessarily an overhaul of your golf swing. Perhaps you just need someone to watch and listen to you. You maybe be surprised on how effective that is from my perspective. So, if you or friend is in need of help, please call Tempe, Arizona Golf Instructor, Rob Camacho for your next golf lesson. Rob Camacho, Golf Instruction is proud to offer golf lessons, golf playing lessons, putting lessons, chipping lessons, pitching lessons, bunker lessons, coaching in Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Call for a free phone consultation and speak with golf pro today.

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