Golf Equipment & Club Fitting

Are you playing with the right golf clubs? Did you get fitted for your golf clubs? Are you playing with the right shafts? What about the right loft and lie angle? What about your set make-up? Are you still playing with a 2 iron or 3 iron or dare I ask a 1 iron? Do they still make 1 irons and 2 irons? What about a hybrid club? Why not? PGA Tour Pros are using them, so maybe you should as well. What about your driver and fairway clubs? Where do you start? And which clubs are the best for your golf game?

There are many options these days to golf equipment. And you do have plenty of golf super stores to help you with your game, but do not forget about us teaching pros and golf pros at your local golf courses and driving ranges here in the Phoenix Metro area. Hey, what about your golf ball? There are many options there too. And of course it comes down to your budget. You may want to consider used golf clubs or I should say, “Pre-owned.” Take a tour at Golfsmith and You are bound to find a good bargain. The days of the old persimmon woods are long gone, so do take advantage of today’s golf club technology. But do not get suckered into the marketing of the hot trends without the right club fit. Please consider professional help for your golf game. If you or friend is need of golf equipment advice, please contact Teaching Professional, Rob Camacho. Rob Camacho, Arizona Golf Instructor offers professional golf lessons, playing lessons, short game lessons, and golf equipment advice for all citizens in the East Valley including; Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Awhatukee, and Phoenix Arizona. Call today!

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