Golf Practice Grass Or Mats

I believe grass and mats (artificial turf) can be helpful for your golf practice. I was recently practicing at a driving range near my home and the grass tee was severely worn to the point of why did I bother. Also, the range tee was not level, I say that gently. This is when hitting (swinging) of mats would be best. I would prefer grass, but only when there is actual grass to practice on. I am a strong believer that a good golf mat will help your golf game. Perhaps you may agree or disagree here, but that is choice that we as golfers’ face. So, you may want to consider purchasing your own portable mat when your practice facility is not up to par. I will be purchasing one soon. So, if you or you know someone that would like golf instruction, golf coaching or golf lessons in the Tempe area, please contact Rob Camacho. Mr. Rob Camacho is proud to help all beginner and intermediate golfers in the Phoenix metro area. And don’t for get about your short game. All short game lessons are featured for your scoring improvement.

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