Top Reasons To Play Golf

What are your top reasons why you play golf? Do you play for competition, fun, exercise, fresh air, to escape the daily grind, the challenge of hitting the ball and putting that ball in the hole? Perhaps you are in pursuit of the perfect swing or perfect shot. The game of golf gives you many options of why you play and how you swing your golf club. How times have you hit what felt like a bad shot but the outcome was good. Golf as in life is up and down (pun intended). If you would like to list your reason(s) or perhaps you have a good golf story please do tell…

If there is one part or more parts of your game that you need help with, call Rob Camacho, Tempe Golf Lesson(s) Services. Instruction is offered for beginner and intermediate players in communities such as Tempe, Chandler, Phoenix, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and all of Maricopa County citizens. Arizona Golf Instructor is proud to help all beginner junior golfers in the East Valley from ages 10 -17 years old.

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