What are your trying to do with your golf swing? Tempe Golf Instructor wants to know…

This topic is for the beginner golfer and intermediate golfer, so I thought I would ask some questions…here it goes: What are you trying to do? I mean what are your swing thoughts? What is it that you are attempting to do with your golf club? Are you thinking about your backswing, hips, shoulders, knees, head, core, leverage, angle(s), width, length, swing arc, downswing, forward swing, divot, right left, move, inside-out, path, shape, outside-in, roll, fire, and don’t slide, and don’t move your head. Ok, the list could go on-and-on; I think you get my drift. I will say this, if you have a swing thought or more than one swing thought and you are producing good shots, then continue and don’t change. But if your swing thoughts are not producing what you want, then you may want to question your swing thoughts. Perhaps what you were told and are being told about how to swing your golf club may not apply to you, but may apply to the person that is helping you because of their success. If you are confused or frustrated with golf and/or your golf swing call Tempe golf lessons/instruction today. The golf lesson(s) in Tempe, Arizona are open to all new golfers and intermediate golfers in fine cities such as; Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, and Ahwatukke. Women golfers seeking help are always welcome by Arizona Golf Instructor, Rob Camacho. Mr. Camacho offers putting, chipping, sand, and playing lessons as well. And, junior golfers in the East Valley are always welcome too. Call today for a new game!

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