Ladies Golf Lessons Scottsdale

Scottsdale is hot for golf! Just because it is getting hot outside does not mean you can’t play golf this summer. You can tee off early or evening until the sun goes down. But why are so many women not playing golf? Is it too expensive? Is it too difficult? Could it be that women golfers are treated different? Are we as golf teaching professionals not promoting golf for women?

I think more ladies should be playing golf. The sport is social, but can be competitive too. There are more courses to choose from, and the equipment is far superior today compared to a decade ago. I strongly believe woman golfers make for great golf students of the game. So if you are a lady golfer and would like to learn the game for the first time please call Scottsdale Golf Instruction and Lessons today at (602) 828-GOLF. The golf lessons in Scottsdale are for all lady/woman golfers new and intermediate levels. Rob Camacho, Scottsdale Golf Lessons also welcomes golfers for golf instruction in communities such as, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, and Ahwatukee. Also, playing lessons, putting lessons, chipping lessons, bunker lessons, pitching lessons, and specialty shots are offered by Arizona Golf Instructor, Rob Camacho.

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