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Where you today when Tiger Woods won the US OPEN today? What an incredible display of competion between Tiger and Rocco Mediate. But Tiger had to make the putt on 18 yesterday to get in the 18 hole playoff. And my hats off to Rocco Mediate, he played outstanding golf for the last five days. Rocco did not win the US OPEN, but he won over many golf fans world-wide. The 2008 US OPEN will go down in the history books as one of the greatest championships ever. I was amazed at what I witnessed. I love this game!

Are you fired up to play now that the US OPEN is over? I know I am ready to go. Scottsdale Golf Lessons and Phoenix Golf Lessons are available to all Arizona residents. If you are a beginner golfer or intermediate player, the golf lessons in Scottsdale and the golf lessons in Phoenix are available seven days a week. All Scottsdale golf lesson programs and Phoenix golf lesson programs are customized to meet the golfer’s individual needs. Arizona Golf Instructor, Rob Camacho can help you today — call (602) 828-GOLF.

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