Tempe / Phoenix / Scottsdale Golf Swing Lessons & Golf Playing Lessons

Scottsdale Golf Lessons and Tempe Golf Playing Instruction by The Arizona Golf Instructor

This post on golf swing lessons and golf playing lessons focuses on golfers that have had a golf lesson(s) and or golf school instruction. In my opinion, the golf course is by far the best place to learn. For example: I will have my student play one ball as he or she would play if I was not present on the first hole. Drive number 2 will be with my take on how to play the hole.

For example:

1. Different golf club selection
2. Different tee box alignment
3. Showing the student the best level lie on the tee box
4. Gripping down on the driving club for better accuracy and club face contact

There are many new options that I will present to my student with what I call “certain situations.” What if scenarios such as; how to get out of trouble, how to play a certain shot-shape, and where to place the next shot for the best possible result. Also, I strongly recommend for the first three holes to take more golf club than need and sometimes two golf clubs more.

If you or you know someone that would like to learn how to play better golf, then call The Arizona Golf Instructor today. All golf swing lessons, golf schools, golf playing lessons and short game lessons are taught solely by Rob Camacho. The Tempe golf lessons and Scottsdale golf lessons are available to men, women, and children. Please note that junior golfers interested in golf instruction and swing coaching that live in cities such as Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Ahwatukee are always welcome. Phoenix golf beginner lessons are open now! Please call (602) 828-GOLF for booking.

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