“Golf Playing Tips” By Phoenix Golf Pro, Rob Camacho

I played six holes yesterday with my step-son and friends yesterday. The best thing for me is to offer a suggestion/recommendation (golf tip) and see the positive results with just a slight adjustment. When I play casually, I offer “golf tips” when I feel a player is struggling, but I do pick my spots when to step in. But mostly I leave golfers alone to “play” so they can get through the hole and onto the next.

Here are some “playing -golf – tips” I may point out while on the course:

* Yardage – take one more club
* Play 3 or 5 wood – driver is not needed
* Adjust for wind and take less or more club
* Adjust for lie (uphill, downhill, sidehill, and divot)
* Use your 5 wood to chip onto the green
* Play the ball low – finish your swing low (hands-low)
* Play the ball high – finish your swing high (high-hands)

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