Driving Range Practice

I have been watching people practice (hit balls) on the driving range since 1990 – the year I knew that one day I would become a professional golf instructor. The driving range is where most golfers try the game for the first time. It is where you try to hit the ball over the back fence with the driver. It is the place when you are a kid you try to hit the guy driving the ball picker-upper. It is the place where you try to hit the one hundred your sign with your wedge. It is the place where you dream of being a great player. It is the place for some where you dream of making it on the PGA TOUR. And for some, the range is the place to practice the day before your first round of golf. I can go on and on here about the driving range and what it means for different folks.

The driving range for me is one of my favorite places to be. This is my lab, the place where I can create shots. The place where I can hit the low hook, the low fade, the long cut shot with the driver. And, the range is the place where I can play nine or 18 holes as preparation for my next round. This is the place to create good habits and good swing thoughts also known as “swing-keys.” The range also prepares me to be a better golf coach. If you or a loved one would like to learn to play better golf call Rob Camacho, Arizona Golf Instructor at (602) 828-GOLF. The lessons programs are customized to meet the goals of each student. The Tempe golf lessons are available seven days a week. And if you live near Tempe in areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Ahwatukee, Arizona — you are all welcome to sign up for short game lessons, golf playing lessons, and golf schools. All golf programs are open for the beginner player and intermediate player. Also, please note that Tempe women golf clinics and women golf schools are coming soon.

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