Distance – the long ball by Rob Camacho, Arizona Teaching Professional

The long drive is what all golfers strive to achieve. I want to hit 300 yard drives, but I know my limitations. Here is a list of factors that influence driving the golf ball far.

1. Physical strength
2. Flexibility – your body
3. eye-hand-coordination
4. Leverage (body, lever arm lever lengths)
5. Swing technique
6. Equipment
7. Golf ball
8. Swing speed
9. Ball-to-clubface-centered-contact
10. Angle of approach
11. Swing path
12. Clubface position
13. Wind
14. Elevation
15. Fairway conditions
16. Ball flight, trajectory, straight, hook, slice, pull, pull-hook, pull-slice, push, push-hook, push-slice
17. Relaxed muscles
18. Your mind

So, now the question is what do you do with the above list? And what does the list mean to you? While some of the above topics are obvious and some are not, the how-to-part is what is missing, right? You may know what you are suppose to do, but you may not know how to do it. The golf ball flight must be explained. The golf ball reacts to your golf-swing. What is the cause and effect?

For help understanding your golf-ball-flight, call Tempe Golf Lessons & Golf Instruction by Arizona Teaching Professional, Rob Camacho. Mr. Camacho can assess your ball flight for proper golf-swing corrections and/or adjustments. Please note that all golf training and golf development programs are conducted at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe just on the southern border of Scottsdale by Big Surf Water Park.

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