Golf Clubs Create Golf Swings by Rob Camacho

The wrong golf club(s) can influence how you swing. For example: If you are playing a driver with a shaft that is to stiff – you will swing harder to make the golf club work and most likely your golf-ball-flight will be right of target. Also, your balance will favor your back foot because you cannot flex the shaft on your forward-swing in the attempt to “square-the-club-face.”

Here is a list of what players may do to make the golf club work with a golf shaft too stiff:

1. Player may aim left to “play” slice, fade, push, and push-slice
2. Player my change his/her grip (hand placement) to a closed-face-grip also known as a “strong-grip”
3. Player may close the club-face at address
4. Player may play the ball too far forward at address
5. Player may “roll-the-hands” prior to impact to close the club-face
6. Player may “over-swing” in the attempt to create power and golf-club-head-speed
7. Player may aim right of target to try to hook the ball

If you would like to know if you are playing with the right golf equipment, call Rob Camacho, Tempe Golf Teaching Professional and former Professional Golf Club Fitter for Zevo Golf. If you are interested in learning how you can play better golf and would like golf lessons in Tempe, call (602) 828-GOLF. Please note that the golf lessons, golf instruction, and golf playing lessons will benefit the beginner golfer in the Phoenix metro area including; Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Ahwatukee, and Gilbert, Arizona.

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