Seven Wins

The power in Lorena Ochoa’s swing propelled to her seventh victory of the season.

Here is a list of her victories of 2008:

3/02/2008: HSBC Women’s Champions
3/30/2008: Safeway International Presented by Coca-Cola
4/06/2008: Kraft Nabisco Championship
4/13/2008: Corona Championship
4/20/2008: Ginn OPEN
5/18/2008: Sybase Classic
9/28/2008: Navistar LPGA Classic

2008 Player Performance Record

Player name: Lorena Ochoa
Joined LPGA: 2003
Tournaments played: 17
2008 Money: $2,591,048.00 (1)
Career Money: $13,025,264.00 (3)

Low 9 hole score: 30
Low 18 hole score: 65
Low 36 hole score: 131
Low 54 hole score: 198
Low 72 hole score: 266

Rds played: 65
Rds under par: 51
Rds in 60s: 39

Top 10 finishes: 15
Best finish: 1 (7 Wins)
Career victories: 24

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Arizona Senior Golf

What is considered Senior Golf? Well the Senior PGA Tour now known as the Champions Tour is 50 years and older. So, for amateur golfers what is the age that determines your status? Well, that depends on if you are going to play in a USGA Senior Amateur, which you have to be 55 years on or before September 20. If you qualify for the US Senior Open you must be 50 years on or before July 31.

But what if you just play for recreation? How old is “SENIOR?” It depends on which golf course you play that offers “senior rates.” You will find some courses set the rate at 50, 55, 60, and 65 years old.

If you are a senior golfer and would like help with your experienced golf game, call Tempe Senior Golf Lessons at 602-828-GOLF. The Arizona Golf Instructor, Rob Camacho, has 12 years experience working with senior golfers

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How do you grip your golf club?

I was online today and I found a great article on the grip. So take a good look at this article “Grips of the PGA TOUR” by Curt Sampson from and see photos of eleven tour pro’s grips.

This was one of the best articles written on golf’s basic fundamental – the golf grip. The tour pro’s do not grip the golf club the same way. Each player may have a slight variation of what is written in all the golf books and golf magazines. Also, the size of the grip will vary from one tour pro to the next.

There is more to see on TV as we watch the best golfers in the world play. These guys are not just good, but they are the best on the planet. Maybe we all should pay close attention on the grip, and grip size and texture.

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Have you played a par 3 or executive golf course lately?

With golf courses now stretching over 7,000 yards are we missing out on the short course? No matter what your skill level is, you still have to put the ball in the hole. What is meant by “Executive Golf Course?” A golf course that is made-up of par threes, par fours, and a par five or two. The par is generally in the upper 50’s to upper 60’s. You can expect to play 18 holes in about three to three and a half hours.

And what about a par three course? Are there any left here in Arizona?

Here is a list of Phoenix area short courses:

Lakes Golf Course – 18 executive
13431 S 44th St
Phoenix, AZ 85044-4807
P: (480) 893-3004

Encanto Nine Golf Course
2300 N 17th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85007-1220
P: (602) 262-6870

Palo Verde Golf Course – 9 hole
6215 N 15th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85015-2002
P: (602) 249-9930
F: (602) 534-5791

Paradise Valley Park Golf Course
3505 E Union Hills Dr
Phoenix, AZ 85050-3211
P: (602) 992-7190

Aguila Golf Course – 9 hole
7858 S 35th Ave
Laveen, AZ 85339-1866
P: (602) 534-6116
F: (602) 534-6072

Rolling Hills Golf Course – Executive 18
1415 N Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281-1205
P: (480) 350-5275

Shalimar Golf Course – Executive 9
2032 E Golf Ave
Tempe, AZ 85282-4030
P: (480) 838-0488

Sun Lakes Golf Course – Executive 18
25425 N Sunlakes Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85248
P: (480) 895-9274

Rio Salado Golf Course – Executive 9
1490 E Weber Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281-1800
P: (480) 990-1233

Oakwood Golf Club – 9 hole
24215 S Oakwood Blvd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248-5901
P: (480) 895-1159


Fiesta Lakes Golf Course – nine hole par 3
1415 S Westwood
Mesa, AZ 85210-4915
P: (480) 969-0377

Riverview Park Golf Course – Executive 9
2202 W 8th St
Mesa, AZ 85201-3601
P: (480) 644-3515

Palo Verde Golf Course
10801 E San Tan Blvd
Sun Lakes, AZ 85248
P: (480) 895-0300

Ironwood Golf Course
550 W Champagne Dr
Chandler, AZ 85248-7837
P: (480) 895-0614


Coronado Golf Course – 9 hole
2829 N Miller Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85257-1610
United States
P: (480) 947-8364

Bear Creek Golf Complex
Executive Golf Course – 18 hole
500 E Riggs Rd
Chandler, AZ 85249-3605
P: (480) 883-8200

Continental Golf Course – Executive 18
7920 E Osborn Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251-7454
United States
P: (480) 941-1047

Desert Mirage Golf Course – Executive 9
8710 W Maryland Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305-2467
P: (623) 772-0110

Glen Lakes Golf Course – Executive 9
5450 W Northern Ave
Glendale, AZ 85301-1406
P: (623) 939-7541

Palm Valley Golf Club
Lakes Golf Course – Executive 18
2211 N Litchfield Rd
Goodyear, AZ 85395-2122
Toll Free: (800) 475-2978
F: (623) 935-1110

If your or a loved one would like to learn how to play your best golf in Arizona, call Tempe Golf Lessons today at (602) 828-GOLF. The golf instruction program for all Phoenix area golfers is open seven days per week. So, whether you need help as a beginner golfer or advanced golfer – you have professional golf coaching by Rob Camacho.

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Tempe Arizona Golf Courses and Golf Lessons

If you live in or near Tempe, Arizona you have a variety of golf courses to choose from.

Here is what is available in Tempe for golf and golf lessons.

Rio Salado, 1490 E Weber Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281, (480)990-1233, Public, 9 hole
ASU Karsten Golf Course, 1125 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281, (480)921-8070
Ken McDonald Golf Course, 800 E Divot Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283, (480)350-5250, Municipal, 18 hole
Rolling Hills Golf Course, 1415 N Mill Ave, Tempe, AZ 85281, (480)350-5275, Municipal, 18 hole
Shalimar Golf Club, 2032 E Golf Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282, (480)838-0488, Public, 9 hole

And if you are hungry and thirsty for a cold beverage the new Tempe Marketplace is within a short drive.

The Tempe golf lessons with Rob Camacho are available at Rio Salado Golf Course. Whether you are a beginner golfer, immediate golfer, and advanced golfer, the golf instruction is 100% customized to meet your specific needs.

All golf instruction programs are taught by Tempe Golf Professional, Rob Camacho. Call the Tempe Golf Lessons at (602) 828-GOLF today.

How to really lower your golf scores…

How many articles have you read on how to lower your golf scores? I am sure you have read a few (dozen) or so just like me, right? This post is for the golfer who averages a score of 100/90/80 per round.

Ten ways to lower your golf scores for a better game:

1. Driver – Grip down 1″ for better center club-face contact. Also, you will find the club-face can “rotate” properly. This means that the club-face is arriving to the back of the ball from an open-club-face to a closed-club-face. And for irons shots: grip down 1/2 of an inch for full golf swing.

2. Remove your 2 iron and 3 iron and replace with a hybrid-club. Why? More forgiving and a psychological boost looking down at the club that looks BIG.

3. Replace your wedge shafts with softer shafts for better feel. A softer shaft can enhance more spin. Remember when you grip down on your wedge you “effectively” make your shaft flex “stiffer.”

4. For your fairway shots when distance is needed plus accuracy use a 4, 5, or 7 fairway club. The loft will make it easier for solid center club-face contact. The more loft you have your percentage goes up for solid contact and distance.

5. Play every par three for PAR. How many times of you made a double or tripple on a par three? If you can hot more greens on par threes you will lower your score.

6. Make sure your golf clubs are fitted for you. Go ahead an spend the money. The investment is well worth it. I srongly belive that golf clubs create golf swings.

7. Play all par fives for par. If you can go for the green in two and have the confidence that you will get onto the green, then go for it. You need to know that the conditions must be right in order for you to reach the green. What conditions? The lie of the ball, hazzards, wind, pin placement, and your physical condition meaning muscles tight or loose…

8. If you can play by walking with a caddy, then you will shave strokes off your golf game? Why? You will be more relaxed walking down the fairway without having to carry your own bag. Your caddy will guide you via proper club selection.

9. Play with a GPS hand held device.
Why? You can view the front, center, and back of each golf hole for proper distances.

10. Learn to play your chip shots and pitching shots low. Why? Less air time. And yes, you can play your favorite wedge, but do learn to hit low trajectory shots for better feel and distance control.

If you would like to learn how you can play better golf, call Tempe, Arizona golf lessons to book your next golf lesson. The golf instruction and golf lessons are available for all Arizona golfers in the Phoenix metro area including Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Ahwatukee, Arizona. And don’t forget that the Arizona golf lessons in Tempe covers short game lessons and golf playing lessons for the beginner golfer and junior golfers.

Golf Swing Thoughts…

Are you thinking too much about your swing? Do you have a long check list? I thought this was entertaining – check this out…

The above video was made in jest. But do you have too many swing thoughts? Do you think of too many things as a reminder to swing the right way? And, how did you come about your swing thoughts? Is your mental check list not allowing you to perform? Would you like to know what you should be thinking about prior to the start of your swing?

If you would like help with your pre-golf-swing-thoughts, call Arizona Golf Lessons today for immediate help. Rob Camacho will help you identify what is appropriate to think about before you make your golf swing. The golf lessons and golf instruction takes place at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona. If the location is not within reach for you, please call Mr. Rob Camacho so he can refer you to Arizona Golf Instructors located throughout the Phoenix metro area. Also, I am often asked the following questions: Do you offer short game lessons? Do you offer golf instruction on the golf course? Do you offer putting lessons? Do you play golf with your students? Can you help me select the right golf equipment for my game? Do you offer golf lessons for kids? Do you do this for a living? Well, the answer is yes. Call (602) 828-GOLF for a better game today!

How to improve your golf ball driving distance and accuracy by Arizona Golf Lessons

The feeling of solid contact is what we as golfers want, right? Haven’t you said this to yourself, “If I could just hit the ball solid, I’d be ok with that.” So, if solid contact is important to you, then follow below:

1. Get fitted for the right driver (loft, length, shaft, club-head-size, club-head-shape, and grip-size)

Note: 45” is standard length for driver these days, but you may find 44” might be best for you for consistent center contact on your club-face.

2. Your three-wood (fairway-metal) may be your best driving club. Why? The shaft is obviously shorter than you driver, and the loft is higher (13 degree – 16 degree) for higher launch angle. The shorter the shaft and higher loft angle produces stronger swings for possible longer shots.

3. Know when it is appropriate for you to swing “out-of-your-shoes.” You know what I mean, swing hard!

Note: When is it appropriate to swing as fast as you can?

*You are feeling loose (muscles are warmed up)
*Confidence that you will pull it off
*Adrenalin (you came off a birdie, eagle, or up-and-down) on the previous hole
*Big-wide-fairway with no trouble on either side of the fairway
*No negative swing thoughts
*Past success

4. Tee it high-let-it-fly. With today’s big-head-drivers you need to tee it high.

5. Pay very close attention to the tee box. Find the most level area to tee-off.

For more information about how you can be a better golf ball driver, call Arizona golf lessons at (602) 828-GOLF. Rob Camacho can help you play your best golf. The golf lessons in Arizona are located in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. The golf programs cover the following; short game lessons, trouble shots, how to curve the golf ball, iron play, golf course management, and strategy. All beginner golfers from Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, and Ahwatukee, Arizona are always welcome.