How to improve your golf ball driving distance and accuracy by Arizona Golf Lessons

The feeling of solid contact is what we as golfers want, right? Haven’t you said this to yourself, “If I could just hit the ball solid, I’d be ok with that.” So, if solid contact is important to you, then follow below:

1. Get fitted for the right driver (loft, length, shaft, club-head-size, club-head-shape, and grip-size)

Note: 45” is standard length for driver these days, but you may find 44” might be best for you for consistent center contact on your club-face.

2. Your three-wood (fairway-metal) may be your best driving club. Why? The shaft is obviously shorter than you driver, and the loft is higher (13 degree – 16 degree) for higher launch angle. The shorter the shaft and higher loft angle produces stronger swings for possible longer shots.

3. Know when it is appropriate for you to swing “out-of-your-shoes.” You know what I mean, swing hard!

Note: When is it appropriate to swing as fast as you can?

*You are feeling loose (muscles are warmed up)
*Confidence that you will pull it off
*Adrenalin (you came off a birdie, eagle, or up-and-down) on the previous hole
*Big-wide-fairway with no trouble on either side of the fairway
*No negative swing thoughts
*Past success

4. Tee it high-let-it-fly. With today’s big-head-drivers you need to tee it high.

5. Pay very close attention to the tee box. Find the most level area to tee-off.

For more information about how you can be a better golf ball driver, call Arizona golf lessons at (602) 828-GOLF. Rob Camacho can help you play your best golf. The golf lessons in Arizona are located in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. The golf programs cover the following; short game lessons, trouble shots, how to curve the golf ball, iron play, golf course management, and strategy. All beginner golfers from Scottsdale, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, and Ahwatukee, Arizona are always welcome.

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