How to really lower your golf scores…

How many articles have you read on how to lower your golf scores? I am sure you have read a few (dozen) or so just like me, right? This post is for the golfer who averages a score of 100/90/80 per round.

Ten ways to lower your golf scores for a better game:

1. Driver – Grip down 1″ for better center club-face contact. Also, you will find the club-face can “rotate” properly. This means that the club-face is arriving to the back of the ball from an open-club-face to a closed-club-face. And for irons shots: grip down 1/2 of an inch for full golf swing.

2. Remove your 2 iron and 3 iron and replace with a hybrid-club. Why? More forgiving and a psychological boost looking down at the club that looks BIG.

3. Replace your wedge shafts with softer shafts for better feel. A softer shaft can enhance more spin. Remember when you grip down on your wedge you “effectively” make your shaft flex “stiffer.”

4. For your fairway shots when distance is needed plus accuracy use a 4, 5, or 7 fairway club. The loft will make it easier for solid center club-face contact. The more loft you have your percentage goes up for solid contact and distance.

5. Play every par three for PAR. How many times of you made a double or tripple on a par three? If you can hot more greens on par threes you will lower your score.

6. Make sure your golf clubs are fitted for you. Go ahead an spend the money. The investment is well worth it. I srongly belive that golf clubs create golf swings.

7. Play all par fives for par. If you can go for the green in two and have the confidence that you will get onto the green, then go for it. You need to know that the conditions must be right in order for you to reach the green. What conditions? The lie of the ball, hazzards, wind, pin placement, and your physical condition meaning muscles tight or loose…

8. If you can play by walking with a caddy, then you will shave strokes off your golf game? Why? You will be more relaxed walking down the fairway without having to carry your own bag. Your caddy will guide you via proper club selection.

9. Play with a GPS hand held device.
Why? You can view the front, center, and back of each golf hole for proper distances.

10. Learn to play your chip shots and pitching shots low. Why? Less air time. And yes, you can play your favorite wedge, but do learn to hit low trajectory shots for better feel and distance control.

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