Why Softer Flex Shafts for Wedges?

A softer shaft in your wedge will enhance your feel. After-all you swing your wedges at different speeds depending on distance and trajectory. I have been playing with a 56 degree sand wedge by EIDOLON GOLF- The Short Game Company for six months. I finally now have the best wedge for me. These wedges are truly built for scoring. I found that I can play the 56 degree from any lie. I like the “softer feel” in this wedge for better touch on short pitch shots, and chip shots. But, I can’t tell you enough good things about how this wedge feels on full swings. The shaft in my previous sand wedge was way too stiff. But with my Eidolon wedge with a softer flex by RifleĀ® SpinnerĀ®, I can control my ball with great confidence. I highly recommend you visit www.eidolongolf.com and www.thewedgeguy.com.

Rob Camacho, Arizona Golf Instructor offers short game lessons and wedge lessons for all golfers in the Phoenix metro area. If you would like to lower your scores, call Tempe Golf Lessons at 602-828-GOLF. You can schedule a short game lesson on putting, pitching, chipping, bunker (sand) shots, and specialty golf shots. The golf instruction is held at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe, Arizona. Mr. Camacho welcomes beginner golfers from Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Ahwatukee.

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