Do you hit your three wood better than your driver?

Are you driving off the tee better with your 3 wood? Are you asking yourself, “why can’t I hit my driver as good as my 3 wood?” Well, there could be a number of factors.

Here are some possible reasons why??

– Driver lengths are now 45″ to 46″ compared to 42″ to 44” three woods
– Driver lofts off the store rack range from 9 degrees to 13 degrees (driver length) compared to 13 degree (3 wood lengths) to 16 degrees
– Driver shaft maybe too stiff
– Driver shaft maybe too soft
– Driver may have too much *torque
– Driver may have the wrong loft, face-angle, lie angle, grip-size, length, weight…
– You maybe more confident with your three wood, therefore better results

The above list can go on and on. I think you get my drift. Perhaps it may be your golf-swing fundamentals such as; grip, posture, stance, and alignment. Perhaps it may be your golf-swing thoughts such as; “don’t-move-head”, “don’t sway”, “keep-left-arm-straight-on-backswing” (right handed players), “swing the club back as far as I can for longer distance”, “keep both arms very straight at address”, “keep the sole of club flush with the ground so the toe does not point up”, “turn my hips for more power”, and more…

If you would like to driver better with your DRIVER, call Arizona Golf Lessons at (602) 828-GOLF. Mr. Rob Camacho can help you with your golf game including but not limited to full golf-swing, putting, chipping, pitching, recovery-shots, side-hill golf shots, up-hill golf shots, green reading, golf course strategy, bunker(sand) shots, hybrid-club shots, fairway woods, golf club equipment evaluations, golf mental game, golf practice, golf playing lessons, and more. Please note that beginners – men, women and children always welcome. The golf lesson programs are held in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. The course golf is close by the 101 freeway and 202 freeways, so if you are coming from Ahwatukee, Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert – you are few minutes away.


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