Arizona Golf Lessons for Kids/Youth/Juniors

If you want your son or daughter to learn how to play the game of golf, then golf lessons/golf coaching can certainly help. And not every child needs a full time golf coach. However, learning the fundamentals now at a young age will last a lifetime.

Perhaps, your child may need some guidance on the following topics:

*Learning how to control distance (shot-making)
*Learning how to control trajectory
*Learning how to play in the difficult weather conditions
*Learning how to play for score (recreation or tournament golf)
*Learning course management
*Learning how to control emotions on the golf course
*Learning how to read greens (line and speed)
*Learning how to practice and what to practice
*Learning how to monitor performance
*Learning self-discipline
*Learning how to compete
*Learning how to respect (the golf game, equipment, competitors, officials, parents, coaches…)
*Learning how to spot trouble on the course
*Learning how to set goals

The above is a short list of what your junior golf can learn and achieve. For more information on how to choose the right Arizona golf instructor/coach for your child, call Rob Camacho, Arizona Professional Golf Instructor at (602) 828-GOLF. Mr. Camacho has been teaching and coaching hundreds if kids since 1996. Please note that the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale metro area junior golf programs for kids and youth golfers is held in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. And, kids from East/West/South Phoenix, Glendale, West Valley, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Gilbert, Arizona are always welcome.


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    I would like to find out about getting my son beginner/junior lessons this summer.



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    10 thirty minute lessons for $250. The regular rate is $350.

    – Robbie

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