“How to Hit Your Irons Farther”


The above pic is in this month’s Golf Magazine. The article suggests that you try the above. Here is how: The above “Top 100 Instructor” says, “Grab an iron by its hosel and make the widest backswing you can while keeping both arms straight. Stop when you feel tension in the left side of your torso. Now, drop your hands down toward your right pants pocket as fast as you can.”

I have two issues with the above photo:

1) The photo clearly shows that he has changed his posture. You want to maintain your posture during your backswing. Take a look at the best player on planet Earth.

2) Keeping your arms straight promotes TENSION. I strongly advocate a TENSION FREE GOLF SWING.

Are golfers really improving from all the instructional articles in the mags? Perhaps some are, but the majority of golfers don’t improve. The golf mags have been around for many years now. I would think by now that we have seen “how to” and “try this” more than once.

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Is it possible to drive 300 yards without swing your arms???

Take a look at this:

I am not saying that Taly can’t drive the ball 300 yards. In fact, I know he can. But my point of this article is this: He is clearly swinging his arms! Now that being said, he may “FEEL” as though he is not swinging his arms…but he is.

Here is a link to his website: http://www.taly.com/ – Note: Taly says, “There are many ways to hit a golf ball but unless a golfer is playing at least twice per week, then they should: “stop swing their arms” and “stop aiming at the target.” What? He also says, “Stop squaring their clubface.” There is more, but I will let you take a look.

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Swing the golf club to the target

Are you swinging your club to your target? Do you know what your target is? And how do you know if you are aiming at your target? Well, you need to have the mental picture in your mind as to where you want the club to go to move the ball forward. Does that sound too simple? Is there more to it than that? Would you like the answers? Please contact me by phone or email.

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Arizona Golf Driving Lessons

The average driver length shaft on the PGA Tour for the past few years has been 44.5 inches. The average length for off the rack drivers is currently 45 to 46 inches. Why longer? Well, the longer the shaft will produce more distance, right? The reason some the best players in the world may play a shorter driver is control and distance.

Haven’t you notice that PGA Tour player, Anthony Kim grips down on his driver? And he does not hit it short. His driving average for 2008 was 300.9 yards.

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7 Simple Things To Help Your Golf Game

Here is a short list that can help you today:

1. Check your golf club grips for wear and tear. Worn grips will promote tighter grip pressure, therefore tension.

2. Check your golf glove for wear and tear. Why? See number 1.

3. Grip a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch down. Why? Better control for centered-club-face-contact (sweet spot).

4. Putting woes? Extend your putter further away from your body. Note: You may need to bend your putter flatter. Just because all the books and magazines say the eyes must be directly over the ball, doesn’t mean you have to. See Champions Tour Player, Fuzzy Zoeller.

5. Play your next round with only 6 clubs: 3 wood, 5 iron, 7 iron, 9 iron, sand wedge, and putter.

6. Let go of all the golf instruction jargon from the golf books and golf magazines…

7. Swing where you want the ball to go. Yeah, I know that is obvious, but how many times do really do that?

Some of the best golf lessons I have given were the ones where all I did was making the student aware of his/her equipment. For example: Worn grips may cause a golfer to grip tighter, even though the golfer may not be aware of gripping tighter. For some golfers this may explain current ball-flight, lack of distance, inconsistent ball-flight, top-shots, thin-shots, and fat shots.

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