“How to Hit Your Irons Farther”


The above pic is in this month’s Golf Magazine. The article suggests that you try the above. Here is how: The above “Top 100 Instructor” says, “Grab an iron by its hosel and make the widest backswing you can while keeping both arms straight. Stop when you feel tension in the left side of your torso. Now, drop your hands down toward your right pants pocket as fast as you can.”

I have two issues with the above photo:

1) The photo clearly shows that he has changed his posture. You want to maintain your posture during your backswing. Take a look at the best player on planet Earth.

2) Keeping your arms straight promotes TENSION. I strongly advocate a TENSION FREE GOLF SWING.

Are golfers really improving from all the instructional articles in the mags? Perhaps some are, but the majority of golfers don’t improve. The golf mags have been around for many years now. I would think by now that we have seen “how to” and “try this” more than once.

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