Rain in Phoenix, Arizona ?

Who said it does not rain in Phoenix, Arizona? Well, I welcomed the rain yesterday and this morning. Perhaps some of you missed a golf game yesterday?? But some of you may have braved the elements in search of playing no matter what. At least if you played – you were GOLFING!

Here in Phoenix, Arizona we are spoiled with sunshine year round. If you can stand the heat in the summer, then golf at 105 degrees is no problem for us Zonies. But it is a DRY-HEAT, right?

If you would like to take golf lessons here in Phoenix, Arizona, call Rob Camacho, Arizona Golf Instructor at 602-828-GOLF. You can learn to play better golf with a better understand of how to use your golf clubs properly. For more information you can send your golf questions to rcamacho@azgolfinstructor.com. Please note: I will respond the same day. Thank you for your interest in golf lessons in Phoenix, Arizona – The Valley of the Sun.

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