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Focus on one thing and give it time…

I see too many golfers trying something new (again) on the driving range to fix a swing problem. I have watched golfers do well one day, while the very next day they are doing something else. For those golfers doing well: If the golf ball is flying to your target you don’t need to fix it. Please continue whatever it is you are doing! I have been asked by golfers (my students and non students) this: “Hey Rob, am I doing it right”? My answer: ‘Is the golf ball flying to your target?’ ‘Are you swinging your golf club in the direction of where you want the ball to go?’

If you are working on a swing change or corrective swing situation: You need to give yourself time. Just because it may not work today does not mean it won’t work ever. You need to be aware of what you intend to do, but your main thought needs to be on your target.

If you are contemplating golf lessons, I encourage you to seek a golf professional for help. You may benefit from just one session. You may have a good swing, but your thoughts could be the culprit of your bad shots. If you would like help in finding a golf professional in your area please email me at rcamacho @ azgolfinstructor dot com or you can call me a 602-828-GOLF. I will respond within 24 hours.

An affordable way to learn how to play?

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“An affordable way to learn how to play?”

“With Spring coming and golf tournaments/outing for businesses on the horizon, what is an affordable way for me to practice and learn?”


I recommend you see a professional golf instructor in person at a driving range. Please do not waste your time and money by taking a golf lesson on the Internet.

If you are strapped for cash: Ask your local golf pro if he/she will teach/coach you by the minute. I would go with 45 min. to start. I personally coach by the hour.

I would stay away from “group lessons.” Why? You do not receive 100% of the attention you need.

I would recommend you interview three to five golf instructors in your area. You need to be 100% comfortable with your golf coach. Does your golf coach have the PASSION in his or her voice?

You can spend at least a G on new golf gear, but if you do not know how to use the “tools” you will become frustrated and you may leave the game as many golfers do every year.

If you would like help, please feel free to email me or call me at (602) 828-GOLF. By the way, there will be no cost for the call or email.

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Has Equipment Ruined Golf?

Share Your Opinion: Has Equipment Ruined Golf?

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“For you tennis fans and historians, remember the classic Borg v. McEnroe, Borg v. Connors, Connors v McEnroe era? Look at the little old wood frame rackets those guys were using!”(“well, except for Connors Wilson T2000”)

“For me, with the new high-tech rackets that Federer and Nadal use, the game of tennis lacks interest. These guys are too good. They make the game look too easy.”

“Tennis popularity during the Borg, McEnroe, Connors era was huge. Then it died and never really recovered.”

“Is golf headed down the same path?”

My Response:

I think today’s equipment with all the technology has helped all golfers of all abilities. But I think the driver shaft length for beginners and high digit players is a challenge.

The Driver

The average driver length on the PGA TOUR the past two years has been 44.5 inches. Tom Wishon, a 34 golf equipment industry veteran says, “If those guys can’t hit a longer driver as well as one that is shorter, what’s that tell you and your weekend foursome?” The average driver shaft length is 45″ – 45.5 ” for “off-the-rack” clubs (the clubs in stores via the original equipment manufacture).

I advise/coach my students to grip their 45″ driver down a 1/2” to 1″ for longer tee shots and better control. The golf ball will always fly farther when struck on the center of the club-face. Have you noticed PGA TOUR star Anthony Kim? He grips down almost two inches and averages 284 yards. When he needs more, he can blast well over 300 yards with a 43″ driver.

Golf Instruction

As a professional golf instructor/coach, I keep abreast of all the above. But with all of the information that is available, I find golfers are still in need of help.

One week golfers are trying the latest tip from ‘Golf XYZ Magazine’ that said, “To Hit Longer Shots: You should swing your golf club while keeping your balance on a skateboard with an egg on your head.” The next week golfers may watch an infomercial on the Golf Channel about a new swing training aide, which will cut 6 – 8 strokes per round. And, what about your golf buddy who tried the above golf tip and bought the swing training aide, who swears he can help you.

Final Thought

If golfers just learn how to “swing the club” as it was designed to be used built by the original equipment manufacturer, which maybe custom fitted for the golfer – you will see more golfers playing better, playing more, and spending more money to play the game. If that were to happen, the whole golf industry will win.

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Chelsea Lately – Golf Lessons

I enjoy watching the Chelsea Lately Show! Her bit on golf lessons is hilarious. And how can you not like Chuy. She is spot-on with the cooler and case of beer, right?

The driving range where the bit took place is at Rancho Park Golf Course located in West Los Angeles, California. As kid I grew up three miles from the course. Rancho Park was the first driving range my dad took me to. And what made it cool was it was a night-lighted-range. That was a big deal back in 1978.

From 1956-72, the Los Angeles Open was played at Rancho Park Golf Course, with the exception of 1968 when the even was played at Brookside Golf Course in nearby Pasadena, California.

If you have played Rancho Park, please send me an email about your experience there. Perhaps you are from Los Angles as well. I welcome your take on the course and your golf game.

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Darth Vader Plays Golf & How To Play Better Golf For 2009

I thought this was funny…

Happy Golf New Year! This is year for real improvement, right?

Here are 9 ways to improve your golf game for 2009:

1. Swing your golf club (all golf clubs) towards your target
2. Allow your body to respond by you swinging your club
3. One Swing Thought (your target)
4. Accept the fact that everyday is not the same
5. Fact: Your body never “hits the ball”
6. Stop trying to keep your head down!
7. Stop making the golf ball the target
8. Stop trying all the tips from the mags!
9. Stop trying to “shift-your-weight”

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Happy Golfing for ’09!