Focus on one thing and give it time…

I see too many golfers trying something new (again) on the driving range to fix a swing problem. I have watched golfers do well one day, while the very next day they are doing something else. For those golfers doing well: If the golf ball is flying to your target you don’t need to fix it. Please continue whatever it is you are doing! I have been asked by golfers (my students and non students) this: “Hey Rob, am I doing it right”? My answer: ‘Is the golf ball flying to your target?’ ‘Are you swinging your golf club in the direction of where you want the ball to go?’

If you are working on a swing change or corrective swing situation: You need to give yourself time. Just because it may not work today does not mean it won’t work ever. You need to be aware of what you intend to do, but your main thought needs to be on your target.

If you are contemplating golf lessons, I encourage you to seek a golf professional for help. You may benefit from just one session. You may have a good swing, but your thoughts could be the culprit of your bad shots. If you would like help in finding a golf professional in your area please email me at rcamacho @ azgolfinstructor dot com or you can call me a 602-828-GOLF. I will respond within 24 hours.

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    I totally agree with your advice to focus on one thing and give it time. Normally (not just for golf) it takes 21 days to build a habit.

    Too often, golfers fly from one thing to another trying to find the magic bullet.

    Find what works, stay with it, and keep it simple.

    David Stargel
    The Golf Nut

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