Golfweek circa 1975 – Present + Questions for golfers

Take a look at history from Golfweek

And some questions for you Arizona and worldwide golfers:

What is missing from your golf game?
What are you working on for better golf?
Are your golf buddies telling you are doing wrong? And are telling you how to fix?
Are you trying to swing a certain way because someone told you how to…?
What wedges are you using and why?
Do really practice your short game (putting, pitching, bunker-shots, and chipping)?
Are you driving the ball long and straight?
Do you really and truly record you score after 9 or 18 holes?
For those golfers who have never had professional coach: Why not?
Did you recently buy high tech gear in hopes of a better game, but your game is not getting better?
Are you happy with your ball striking?
Can you play your seven iron ten different distances on purpose?
Are you tired of not getting better at golf?
What is holding you back?

If you took the time to answer the above questions, then I want to hear your answers. Please email me or call me. I will help provide solutions. You can contact me via,, and

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Are the days of the “knock off clubs” done?

Back in the day circa 1991, I remember the following OEM’s (original equipment manufacture) at the top of media, and here is the list from back then that I recall in no particular order:

1. TaylorMade
2. Ping
3. Callaway
4. Spalding + TopFlite
5. Cleveland (known for wedges)
6. Titleist
7. Tommy Armour
8. MacGregor
9. McHenry Metals
10. Hogan
11. Ram
12. Lynx
13. Cobra
14. Mizuno
15. Maxfli
16 La Jolla Golf

And you had a number of “copy-cats” also known as clones of the above OEM’s. Names like, “King Snake” (Cobra’s King Cobra), “Big Burser” (Callaway’s Big Bertha), and today’s “Grand Hawk XP Driver” (Callaway Hyper X).

But with today’s golf OEM’s you have more choices, and more models coming out yearly versus two to three year cycles from previous years. You can by used or better known as “preowned” from big names such as Callawayand TaylorMade.

You can buy on-line from craigs list and Ebay. You can find some great deals on name brand equipment. So the clones beacuse of factors such as patent infringement, quality, and price are done in my opinion. Golfers are better off with OEM golf equipment new or “preowned.”

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Reality Golf

On the driving range you have the luxury to place the ball on a good lie for every shot. However, there are times because of the amount of wear and tear on the range you may face the following:

1. Ball below your feet

2. Ball above your feet

3. Ball on tight lie

4. Ball in divot

5. Right foot lower than left

6. Left foot lower than right

7. Down hill grade

8. Up hill grade

9. Both feet on round mound ball below feet

10. Both feet on round mound ball above feet

Even on the driving range you will face situations similar to real playing conditions. If you know how to play the shot and adjustment(s) you may have to make, your percentage of center-face-contact will increase.

If you are fortunate to be on a pristine driving range with ideal conditions, then you may have to create poor lies for practice. Perhaps you may find uneven lies at the end of the driving range. And, if you can’t recreate all the above on the range, then you just have to practice on the golf course, which is the best way to play all of the above.

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Set Makeup For Beginner Golfers

If you need help choosing the right golf set, call Robbie Camacho at 602-828-GOLF. The best golf set for your current game will provide you the best opportunity to improve and have more fun. The wrong set makeup may produce poor shots. And when you see poor shots – you will make compensations within your setup, grip, swing direction, and swing thoughts to “try-to-hit-good-shots.”

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I finished a lesson with a student this evening and decided to hit balls before heading home. Next to me was a man hitting balls and I could not help but notice his demonstrative expressions of frustration. Well, I just had to help him. I knew he was much better than his current ball bashes. I offered my help and he welcomed my suggestions. After asking what he was trying to do and asking him what he was thinking about prior to the swing, I began to trouble shoot. It turned out that his grip was not firm at the top of his swing. I noted his right hand was not fully connected to his left hand, therefore causing a “re-grip” on his forward swing causing too much tension and poor balance. The result was a variety of shots from fat to high right and a lack of distance. The reason his right hand was not “connected” properly to his left hand was a result of him “over-swinging.” After I showed him what his appropriate full back-swing should be, he began swinging better with less tension and better balance.

The best part of this evening was I made a new friend. He was more than thankful. There was no need for compensation. It was my duty as a golf evangelist to offer my help. If you need help with your golf game, call Arizona Golf Lessons at 602-828-GOLF. Robbie Camacho can help you with your golf game in areas such as, full swing coaching, bunker shots, pitching, chipping, driving, playing lessons, and corrective golf swing instruction. The golf lessons are held in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. The golf facility features a nine hole course and full short game area. So if you are thinking about taking golf lessons in Arizona don’t delay another day.

A long backswing may not create more distance…

Have you tried swinging your golf club back as far as you can? Have you tried swinging to “parallel” for more power? I see many amateur golfers attempting to create a LONG BACKSWING with no success. Your backswing length is determined by your flexibility, technique, and strength.

When you watch the best golfers in the world you will see different length backswings. Just because a player is not parallel at-the-top of his or her backswing does not mean they are short off the tee. Have you seen PGA TOUR player JB Holmes?

Listen to Tiger Woods, Clarke, O`Meara clinic at the Dubai Desert Classic 2008 (THE DRIVER by TIGER WOODS)

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