Reality Golf

On the driving range you have the luxury to place the ball on a good lie for every shot. However, there are times because of the amount of wear and tear on the range you may face the following:

1. Ball below your feet

2. Ball above your feet

3. Ball on tight lie

4. Ball in divot

5. Right foot lower than left

6. Left foot lower than right

7. Down hill grade

8. Up hill grade

9. Both feet on round mound ball below feet

10. Both feet on round mound ball above feet

Even on the driving range you will face situations similar to real playing conditions. If you know how to play the shot and adjustment(s) you may have to make, your percentage of center-face-contact will increase.

If you are fortunate to be on a pristine driving range with ideal conditions, then you may have to create poor lies for practice. Perhaps you may find uneven lies at the end of the driving range. And, if you can’t recreate all the above on the range, then you just have to practice on the golf course, which is the best way to play all of the above.

At Arizona Golf Lessons you can book a lesson on topics such as, swing corrections, full swing technique, short game, putting, pitching, chipping, bunker shots, trouble shots, and playing lessons. You can learn how to draw and fade shots on purpose as well. So if you are a beginner golfer, intermediate golfer, and advanced golfer you are all welcome. The golf lessons are held in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. All residents of Arizona are welcome from Chandler, Ahwatukee, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Phoenix metro. For more information please call 602-828-GOLF (4653).

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