Golfweek circa 1975 – Present + Questions for golfers

Take a look at history from Golfweek

And some questions for you Arizona and worldwide golfers:

What is missing from your golf game?
What are you working on for better golf?
Are your golf buddies telling you are doing wrong? And are telling you how to fix?
Are you trying to swing a certain way because someone told you how to…?
What wedges are you using and why?
Do really practice your short game (putting, pitching, bunker-shots, and chipping)?
Are you driving the ball long and straight?
Do you really and truly record you score after 9 or 18 holes?
For those golfers who have never had professional coach: Why not?
Did you recently buy high tech gear in hopes of a better game, but your game is not getting better?
Are you happy with your ball striking?
Can you play your seven iron ten different distances on purpose?
Are you tired of not getting better at golf?
What is holding you back?

If you took the time to answer the above questions, then I want to hear your answers. Please email me or call me. I will help provide solutions. You can contact me via,, and

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