11 reasons why some women strugle with GOLF

There are many women golfers who would play more golf and enjoy the game so much more if they were just left alone to enjoy themselves. Here are 11 reasons why women struggle.

1. Husband

2. Boyfriend

3. Fiance

4. Brother

5. Dad

6. “Guy Friend”

7. Some guy on the driving range

8. Co-worker (“guy who knows golf”)

9. Uncle

10. Grandpa

11. Guy who likes you

OK, where do I get off saying the men above cannot help the female golfer. Some of you do help…well, sometimes. If you just allow her to swing on her own and not but-in after every swing – you may watch her play some really good shots. All golfers miss shots, but telling her what she did wrong and how to correct every shot may cause more harm than good. I have experienced husbands telling their wives what to do on the golf course, and of course she listens, but with little or no improvement.

Here is how you can help a beginner lady golfer:

1. Encourage her to swing her club to a target (let her pick one)

2. Have her tee the ball up

3. Start with ten-finger grip for a beginner golfer

4. Let her pick the golf club(s) in the store

5. Encourage and praise more

6. Let her figure it out…you will be surprised what she can do

7. No one can dispute if you allow her to swing towards a target is a bad idea

8. Do not coach her with your golf clubs

9. Offer help when she asks for it

10. Admit that a professional is best to guide her in the right direction

If you are a woman golfer and would like to feel better about your golf game, call for golf lessons for women right here in Tempe, Arizona. Whether you are a beginner golfer, intermediate golfer, and advanced player just know help is nearby. The golf lessons are available for all Phoenix area residents from Ahwatukee, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Scottsdale. You can call for private golf instruction and coaching at 602-828-GOLF. And, if you would like to learn with a friend or group please contact me for more information.

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    I have another one for how you can help a woman golfer: “Buy her a really nice present each time she hits a good shot”. :o)

    Seriously though, this is a great post as so many women I speak to say overbearing or condescending males are a major reason they haven’t pursued the game.

    That said, My husband (despite his rather high handicap) is ALWAYS giving me advice. I just laugh at him and we have a great time playing together.

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