Friday Golf Tips/Golf Instruction/Golf Coaching/Q & A – April 10, 2009

Starting Friday, April 10, 2009 at 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm and every other Friday thereafter, I will be on the driving range to help all golfers, and beginner golfers at no cost. Please contact me if you are interested. There is no cost for this event, and there is no sign up. Here is what will be taking place:

1. Answers to your golf questions: Q & A

2. If you are thinking about golf lessons, then this event is for you

3. Answers to how you can play better the day of the event

4. Golf equipment evaluations

5. Golf Tips

6. Golf shot(s) demonstration

7. Putting Tips

8. Chipping Tips

9. Pitching Tips

10. Bunker Tips

11. Full Swing Tips

12. How to practice

12. How to be a complete golfer (beginner golfer to advanced)

13. Golf Talk

14. Your platform for discussion

15. Answers to why you are not playing your best

16. Shaping the ball (fade, draw, etc.)

17. Challenging shots (downhill, uphill, side-hill, ball-in-divot, low, high, and more…)

18. Coaching the lady golfer (women beginner golfers encouraged to participate)

19. Golf coaching for kids (junior golf)

20. Golf coaching for seniors

I welcome all levels of play from beginner to the advanced player. This event will be starting at 5:30 pm sharp on Friday, April 7, 2009, and will continue every other Friday there after. You are welcome even if you do not have a golf club or set of golf clubs. The best way to help make this event successful is your participation with Q & A! If you have a golf question, please ask. If you just want to vent, I will listen. If you are about to give up, please don’t. This event may change your THINKING!

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