Look Like Yourself When You Swing Your Golf Club

Why in golf do other golfers try to make body movements like tour professionals? The answer is this: most golfers are watching the body movements and not what the player is doing with the golf club. I was guilty if this back in 1991 when John Daly won the PGA Championship. I tried to over-swing (minus the beer can)the next day on the driving range as so many more golfers around the world tried to do as well – swing like John Daly.

You know what we did…swing back as far as you can like John Daly so you can drive 300 yards. But it did not work for me, and I am sure it did not work for others as well. Daly’s average driving distance in 1991 was 288.9. See more stats.

I soon realized that I just could not swing the golf club like Daly did back then (1991) and how he swings now in 2009. But there are golfers who try to swing back as far as they can in the hope to drive the golf ball farther.

The next time you watch golf on TV or watch live pay close attention to what the tour pro does with the golf club.

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