12 Common Reasons Why You (We) Miss Short Putts

We all have missed very short putts, right? But why? Did you concede the put already as you casually walked up to the ball and attempted to make your put, but missed. Did you give the putt to yourself anyway? You know you did, well sometimes, right? You missed, but you gave yourself the par instead a true bogey, right? You would have made it your really tried, right?

There are many reasons why we miss the “easy putts.” Here are 12 common reasons:

1. Not taking the proper time
2. The upper body is turned toward the hole (ball misses right or left)
3. Lack of confidence (self talk “don’t miss”)
4. Not committed
5. In a hurry to get it over with
6. Putting technique
7. Changing putting technique from golf hole to golf hole
8. Thinking ahead (you already conceded the putt)
9. Distracted (fellow golfers, noise, etc.)
10. Speed (too much or not enough)
11. You attempted the ‘ole “one-hand-jab”
12. You attempted to putt left handed (right hand golfer with right handed putter)

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    If I keep reading your blog, maybe I wont need lessons (but I doubt it).

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