Real Three Wood (Actual Wood)

I recently put a three wood in my bag and not just any three wood. Take a look: The head is “generic 3 wood-head” with a hogan #4 steel shaft. The length is 43″ long. This thing is a beat-stick. Today I blasted the best three wood I have ever played. I played Starfire Golf Course in Scottsdale – the…

Summer Golf Lessons For Women In Arizona

Here in Arizona we just ended a record of 13 days in a row over 100 degrees. Summer came too early! But the last two days we had rain and cooler temps. As desert natives, most of us are used to the heat to participate in outdoor activities such as golf. In Arizona there are well over 300 golf courses…

Yes I am talking about Tiger Woods! The man is coming back after knee surgery. He has played in six tournaments with one victory (Arnold Palmer Invitational). He just finished 8th at The Players Championship. In five stroke play events he has finished in the top ten in all five. Tiger is just getting tuned up. He will be back….

Three Myths That Can Be Hurting Your Golf Game

1. Keep Your Left Arm (right hand golfer) Straight on the Backswing You do not have to keep the left arm straight. Relatively straight is fine. If you keep the left arm straight you create tension and you limit your range of motion. 2. Keep Your Head Down You do not have to keep your “head down” on your backswing….