Real Three Wood (Actual Wood)

robbie2_bigger.jpgI recently put a three wood in my bag and not just any three wood. Take a look:

The head is “generic 3 wood-head” with a hogan #4 steel shaft. The length is 43″ long. This thing is a beat-stick. Today I blasted the best three wood I have ever played. I played Starfire Golf Course in Scottsdale – the King Course. The last hole (#9) is a par five. The blue tees were forward so I played three wood off the tee. I did not catch it that good, so I was looking at a long shot to catch the front part of the green. It was dusk, so I couldn’t see the pin. There was a twosome in front of us so I proceeded to wait until they cleared. I know the guy was probably thinking, “hey man – you can get here in two.” But I felt good about getting there in two. So I smoked a cut shot that landed front left and bounced up onto the green. As I walked up closer to the green, I could not see my ball. I knew I flushed it, so I figured it was in the back left bunker. As I walked onto the green my ball was 15 feet passed the back pin. The end result was a 280 yard three wood. I did not fly it 280, but that was the end result. This club is in the bag for good. I can honestly say that shot was absolutely ridiculous! I am not a long-ball by any means, but this fairway wood with a lower center of gravity works for me. I will be adding a 4 wood or 5 wood, and I mean “real woods.”

If you are interested in learning more about “real woods” please contact me a rcamacho at And please visit LOUISVILLE GOLF to see that these golf clubs still exist. I am convinced the “real fairway woods” are better for my game. Also, I can be reached by calling 602.828.GOLF, or stop by and see me at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe. The Ariznona golf lessons I offer are open to everyone interested in learning and improving.

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Summer Golf Lessons For Women In Arizona

Here in Arizona we just ended a record of 13 days in a row over 100 degrees. Summer came too early! But the last two days we had rain and cooler temps. As desert natives, most of us are used to the heat to participate in outdoor activities such as golf.

In Arizona there are well over 300 golf courses to play. The golf rates are ridiculously cheap right now. And with the rates being so low, learning how to play to game is very affordable. If the heat is bothersome, then golf lessons can be taught early in the morning and in the evening. At Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe the evening time is ideal for those who can’t book a morning time.

Rio Salado Golf Course


As an advocate for more women to take up golf, I welcome new players. Women golfers make wonderful students of the game. And for women with families, you can play with your children and husband. There are more opportunities for women to join golf leagues, golf groups, and golf clubs for women.

If you are interested in women’s golf lessons, contact Arizona golf lessons for more information at (602) 828-GOLF (4653). All Arizona residents from Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe are welcome to participate. The golf lessons can be booked seven days a week. You can learn the following: full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, sand (bunker) shots, on-course-instruction, specialty shots, golf etiquette and golf rules.

What Ever Happend To True/Real Hospitality At Golf Courses???

Starfire at Scottsdale Country Club

gc-s-d.jpg gc-s-d-2.jpg

Yesterday I booked a tee time via to play for today (5/16/09). The rate posted for a 5:50 pm tee time was $5.00. So for $5.00 I can play nine holes at a nice golf course. I walked in the golf shop with my friend to check in. As we walked in, the “golf shop guy” looked at his watch with the look as WTF are these guys doing here. Seriously! That’s the vibe he gave off . There was no “welcome” in his tone of voice. I gave my name for a 5:50 pm tee time. His reply was, “you only have one hour, the carts have to be in by 7:00.” I replied with: ‘It does not get dark until 7:45!’ His reply was, “the cart guy is not going to wait for YOU!” He then goes off by explaining why the $5.00 rate was posted. Reading this guy like a book, what he was really saying was: “look you cheap mofos, you are only paying five bucks!” Next he said, “if you can live with that!” My reply: ‘I can live with that, we are here to play.’

It’s a shame to be treated this way. If he was so concerned about a 7:00 pm curfew, then why post a late tee time, right? My hunch was that a late tee time would mean that there would be no one in front of us…and I was right. I knew we would finish with 9 holes before 7:30 pm. It turned out that we finished at 7:20 pm.

Is this lack of non service happening here only at Arizona golf courses? Did we not fit the “Scottsdale look?” Did “golf shop guy” assume we are cheap hacks, chops, trunk-slammers, and duffers. When I play for pay, I am customer like everyone else. I wore my “vacation clothes.” My attire was a Coors beer cap, long shorts, and Nike’s (non golf shoe). If service is this bad, then a kiosk to check in to pay to play would be of better use. I would have no problem with swiping my credit card to pay and receive the cart key from a machine.

I am very curious to hear what others around Arizona are experiencing. Please feel free to comment on this blog, phone me, or email me at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com. And, if you have experienced outstanding hospitality, please inform me.

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The Best Golfer In The World

Yes I am talking about Tiger Woods!

The man is coming back after knee surgery. He has played in six tournaments with one victory (Arnold Palmer Invitational). He just finished 8th at The Players Championship. In five stroke play events he has finished in the top ten in all five.

Tiger is just getting tuned up. He will be back. You know he is going to work even harder. I will not be surprised if Tiger wins two more events this year.

Here are three interesting facts for 2009:

1. 35 consecutive cuts made (ranked number 1)

2. He is ranked number 1 for scoring average 69.13

3. Putting within 3 – 5 feet (ranked number 2 at 97.06%)

For all the golf pundits out there:


I welcome golf dialogue. And if you are interested in golf lessons right here in Arizona – you can book your next golf lesson today. I teach, coach and instruct individual private golf lessons in Tempe, Arizona at Rio Salado Golf Course. Even though the temps are above 100 degrees in the Arizona Desert, I am game if you are. And remember: beginner golfers men and women are encouraged to sign up. You can book a golf lesson on any subject. Even if you live in the Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Phoenix – you are within reach. In my opinion, the summer months are great to play golf at reduced green fees. And speaking of reduced green fees: check out Sign up and receive email alerts for special rates.

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Three Myths That Can Be Hurting Your Golf Game

1. Keep Your Left Arm (right hand golfer) Straight on the Backswing

You do not have to keep the left arm straight. Relatively straight is fine. If you keep the left arm straight you create tension and you limit your range of motion.

2. Keep Your Head Down

You do not have to keep your “head down” on your backswing. If you do this your range of motion is limited. The common ways people put their head down is this:

a. at address the golfer tilts his/her down
b. at the moment of impact the golfer will keep their head down as long as possible well after impact

Look at PGA TOUR PRO JJ Henry. It appears as though he is keeping his head down, but he is NOT doing it on purpose. The images are still images. If you watched his swing live – you will not see that he is trying to keep his head down.


3. You Looked-Up – Keep Your Eye On The Ball

If not seen one of my students since I started teaching/coaching (1996) “look up” as they hit a poor shot. This one baffles me. Just because you may whiff, top, skull, hit-then, hit-fat, and shank is not because you “looked-up.”

If you would like more information on the above “myths” please contact me at (602) 828-4653. And by email at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com. The golf lessons in Arizona are held in Tempe at Rio Salado Golf Course. All golf lesson programs are open to women beginners to advanced and men beginners to advanced. Also, junior golf (kids golf lessons) are available too. You can book golf lessons and golf instruction on topics such as full golf swing, putting, pitching, chipping, sand (bunker shots). and any other shot that interest you. All Arizona golfers form Awhatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Phoenix are welcome.

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