Real Three Wood (Actual Wood)

robbie2_bigger.jpgI recently put a three wood in my bag and not just any three wood. Take a look:

The head is “generic 3 wood-head” with a hogan #4 steel shaft. The length is 43″ long. This thing is a beat-stick. Today I blasted the best three wood I have ever played. I played Starfire Golf Course in Scottsdale – the King Course. The last hole (#9) is a par five. The blue tees were forward so I played three wood off the tee. I did not catch it that good, so I was looking at a long shot to catch the front part of the green. It was dusk, so I couldn’t see the pin. There was a twosome in front of us so I proceeded to wait until they cleared. I know the guy was probably thinking, “hey man – you can get here in two.” But I felt good about getting there in two. So I smoked a cut shot that landed front left and bounced up onto the green. As I walked up closer to the green, I could not see my ball. I knew I flushed it, so I figured it was in the back left bunker. As I walked onto the green my ball was 15 feet passed the back pin. The end result was a 280 yard three wood. I did not fly it 280, but that was the end result. This club is in the bag for good. I can honestly say that shot was absolutely ridiculous! I am not a long-ball by any means, but this fairway wood with a lower center of gravity works for me. I will be adding a 4 wood or 5 wood, and I mean “real woods.”

If you are interested in learning more about “real woods” please contact me a rcamacho at And please visit LOUISVILLE GOLF to see that these golf clubs still exist. I am convinced the “real fairway woods” are better for my game. Also, I can be reached by calling 602.828.GOLF, or stop by and see me at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe. The Ariznona golf lessons I offer are open to everyone interested in learning and improving.

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