The Wedge Shot Over A Tree

The key to playing shots over trees is confidence. I knew that tree was not going to be a problem to get over. However, if the tree was much larger, then I would not even try to go up and over. The best play would be to punch out to the middle of the fairway and play for an up and down par.

PLEASE FIX YOUR DIVOTS ON THE GREEN! If you do not have a divot repair tool you can use a golf tee. But I highly recommend you just buy one.

It sure was a hot one at 110 degrees while recording the above at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe, AZ. Please remember to drink plenty of water. And despite the AZ heat – you can book your Phoenix AZ golf lesson on any topic from full swing, putting techniques, bunker play, pitching shots, chipping, and all other golf shots. The AZ golf lessons are for all golfers from Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Scottsdale. And women golfers from beginner to the advanced are encouraged to participate.

Golf In Tempe At Rio Salado This Summer

The week of June 15 – 19, 2009 marks the beginning of weekday events at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe. Here is what is on tap:


Every paid player can put their name in a box to win the drawing of a new TaylorMade R9 driver. There is no limit, so play every Monday and drop your name in the box.


Skins Game starts at 3:00 pm. Bring your game for friendly competition…


“Dog Fight” Wednesdays: each golfer is given a “quota” of points to pull based on handicap or average scores. To earn points: bogey = 1, par = 2, birdie = 4, and eagle and ace = 6. The player not able to card at least a bogey will pick up. The player with the highest + total, or the lowest – total is the winner. The game starts at 5:00 pm. How much to play? The cost is green fee + $10 for the prize fund.


Couples League: 5:00 pm shotgun start (pending how many players).


“Rush Hour Madness.” Tee off at 5:00 pm or later and pay only $5 and beers are only $1.50. Tell all your golf buddies about this one!

If you have not played Rio Salado Golf Course, then now is the time to play. You will find a hidden gem. The facility is a nine hole golf course with practice range, putting green, and bunker. You can practice every part of your game. And golf lessons are open for all Phoenix metro area players. The Arizona Golf Instructor, Robbie Camacho offers golf lessons for the beginner to the advanced player. Women golfers and junior golfers are highly encouraged to participate. Please call for more information and answers to your golf questions.

Happy Golfing,


Review Of The Nickent 4DX T Spec Driver


Last Saturday after my last golf lesson, I had the experience of trying Nickent’s 4DX T Spec Driver. Here are the specs of the driver: I played the 9 degree.

T Spec 9 Degree
Stock Shaft – UST SR3 S Flex
Length – Stock 45.5
460 CC


After the first first drive, I knew this driver needed to be in my bag. My reaction was: ‘that ball came off the face HOT!’ I continued to play shot after shot with delight. The ball seemed to stay in the air forever. I was surprised how high my trajectory was for a 9 degree. And a huge bonus was DISTANCE! I killed this driver.

This driver is far superior over my old 2004 TaylorMade R7. The aesthetics of the club are superb. The club-head in my opinion is the best looking on the market today. You will find no “marketing-hype” here. This is true classic head-shape, and at 460 cc’s the head does not look huge as compared to some other large 460 cc’s offered by the other oem’s.


On a five-star scale: I rate Nickent’s 4DX T Spec Driver with five-stars!

I highly recommend this driver for all levels of play. The better player will certainly appreciate the fine looks at address and the outstanding performance.

If you would like answers to your golf questions, please contact me at 602-828-GOLF. You can also book your next Arizona golf lesson on any topic. The golf lessons are available by appointment only. The lessons are offered as a corrective lesson, development lesson, and a playing lesson. All Arizona golfers from Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe are always welcome.

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Should I Change My Golf Grip?

Many golfers have been told they have a bad grip. Is a bad grip bad because it doesn’t “look right?” And what is a good grip? How do you know? But what if you attempted to change your grip, but you reverted back to the old grip because it didn’t feel right…this I see is usually the norm.

A good grip is one that allows you to play shots towards your target. A good grip while swinging the club will return back to the ball “square” (looking at your target at contact). And how long will it take to feel comfortable if I do change my grip? That depends on your true desire to commit and willingness to accept change. You can expect feel comfortable 20 -30 days. However, I have had students say they feel comfortable after 10 days.

Every golfer on the planet wants to improve. Don’t over look the importance of the golf grip. Think about: your hands are the only attachment to the golf club. Your other body parts never touch the golf club.

Your grip can and may influence the following:

* posture
* balance
* tension
* range of motion
* flexibility
* length of swing
* ball-flight (obvious, I know)
* direction of the club
* path
* swing thoughts
* thin shots
* fat shots
* top shots
* pop-ups

If you would like more information on the right golf grip for you, please call (602) 828-GOLF or email me at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com. The Arizona Golf Lessons are for serious golfers (men & women) who really want to improve their golf game. If you are experienced, then you need a swing coach, which I offer service. If you are a beginner golfer, then perhaps a series of golf lessons is best to start. All lesson programs are customized for the individual golfer.

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