Should I Change My Golf Grip?

Many golfers have been told they have a bad grip. Is a bad grip bad because it doesn’t “look right?” And what is a good grip? How do you know? But what if you attempted to change your grip, but you reverted back to the old grip because it didn’t feel right…this I see is usually the norm.

A good grip is one that allows you to play shots towards your target. A good grip while swinging the club will return back to the ball “square” (looking at your target at contact). And how long will it take to feel comfortable if I do change my grip? That depends on your true desire to commit and willingness to accept change. You can expect feel comfortable 20 -30 days. However, I have had students say they feel comfortable after 10 days.

Every golfer on the planet wants to improve. Don’t over look the importance of the golf grip. Think about: your hands are the only attachment to the golf club. Your other body parts never touch the golf club.

Your grip can and may influence the following:

* posture
* balance
* tension
* range of motion
* flexibility
* length of swing
* ball-flight (obvious, I know)
* direction of the club
* path
* swing thoughts
* thin shots
* fat shots
* top shots
* pop-ups

If you would like more information on the right golf grip for you, please call (602) 828-GOLF or email me at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com. The Arizona Golf Lessons are for serious golfers (men & women) who really want to improve their golf game. If you are experienced, then you need a swing coach, which I offer service. If you are a beginner golfer, then perhaps a series of golf lessons is best to start. All lesson programs are customized for the individual golfer.

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