Review Of The Nickent 4DX T Spec Driver


Last Saturday after my last golf lesson, I had the experience of trying Nickent’s 4DX T Spec Driver. Here are the specs of the driver: I played the 9 degree.

T Spec 9 Degree
Stock Shaft – UST SR3 S Flex
Length – Stock 45.5
460 CC


After the first first drive, I knew this driver needed to be in my bag. My reaction was: ‘that ball came off the face HOT!’ I continued to play shot after shot with delight. The ball seemed to stay in the air forever. I was surprised how high my trajectory was for a 9 degree. And a huge bonus was DISTANCE! I killed this driver.

This driver is far superior over my old 2004 TaylorMade R7. The aesthetics of the club are superb. The club-head in my opinion is the best looking on the market today. You will find no “marketing-hype” here. This is true classic head-shape, and at 460 cc’s the head does not look huge as compared to some other large 460 cc’s offered by the other oem’s.


On a five-star scale: I rate Nickent’s 4DX T Spec Driver with five-stars!

I highly recommend this driver for all levels of play. The better player will certainly appreciate the fine looks at address and the outstanding performance.

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