How To Add More Power For Your Golf Swing

Phoenix, AZ Golf Lessons Update for Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here is a list of how to add more power to your golf swing:

1. Tension Free – allow for your arms to hang below your shoulders and hold the club with the sensation of “soft arms.”

2. Establish a pre-swing routine – to consistently prepare prior to the start of the swing. Your routine can promote good placement of both hands onto your golf club, posture, balance, alignment (club-face and body), stance, ball position, rhythm, and proper shaft angle at address.

3. Golf swing technique – post pre-swing routine – you begin the golf swing by using both hands at the same time by swinging the club-head back towards your right shoulder (right hand player), as you end the backswing – swing both arms by swinging the entire club forward to meet the ball with a square club-face while swinging the golf club towards the target and allowing the club to continue until the end of the swing.

4. Flexibility – if you already are “flexible” this will be an asset. If you are not, then adding a stretching program will aid in your quest for more distance.

5. To increase speed – swing your arms faster on the forward swing.

6. Center face contact – the ball will always go farther when the ball makes contact with the center of the club-face.

Note 1: by swinging the arms faster for more power does not automatically mean more distance. YOU must allow your body to respond to the swing motion, which is created by way of hands (both) on the backswing, and swinging both arms on the forward swing. A true swing is: to and fro uninterrupted.

Note 2: assuming your fundamentals are sound – you have a better opportunity to add more power.

Note 3: the longer the club does not always equal longer shots.

Note 4: ‘soft arms’ does not always equal “tension free.” You may have tension that derives from negative thoughts, tension in your neck, and back.

Note 5. YOU must always look like yourself when playing golf.

Note 6: Your current full backswing is determined by your current technique, flexiblity, and strength.

Golfers in the Phoenix, AZ metro area are looking for ways to gain more power. You are definitely not alone and not out of reach. The wrong technique, mental thoughts, wrong equipment, lack of flexiblity, and lack of strength could be what is causing you not to perform your best. If you would like help with your golf game, please contact me for answers to your questions. The golf lessons are open to Phoenix area golfers form Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe. You can set a time that is most convenient for you seven days a week.

Happy Golfing,

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