I am not referring to John Daly’s pants. I am referring to his long back-swing. His long back-swing is unique and should NOT be copied. He is very flexible for being such a large man.

Here is what determines YOUR full backswing:

1. your current flexibility
2. your current strength
3. your current technique
4. your golf club’s length

When John Daly won the 1991 PGA he became world famous for his monster long drives and long back-swing. I recall after he won the PGA, the driving range was full of amateur golfers trying to swing like John Daly. Yeah, and I was one golfer that tried too. Why? More distance.

If you would like to learn more about your back-swing, please contact via email at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com, and by phone at 602-828-GOLF (4653).

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Tempe Arizona Adult Golf Class / Lessons at Fiddlesticks

Tempe, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: September 21, 2009

Last Tuesday (9/15) & Thursday (9/17) marked the beginning of weekly adult golf classes. The golf classes are open to adults male and female from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

The class will start at 7:00 pm sharp.

The golf topics that will be discussed are as follows:

*What is a golf swing?
*How to properly swing the golf club
*How your golf clubs influence your golf swing
*Full swing
*Partial golf shots
*Pre-swing routine
*Setup – grip, posture, alignment (club-face + yourself), ball-position, and stance
*Trouble shots + recovery shots
*Golf swing myths
*Wedge shots
*Lob Shots
*Driver + fairways woods (metal)
*And more + Q: & A:

This is a drop in class, so come when you like. The cost per class is $16.00 (MEDIUM BASKET INCLUDED) per person. This is a great opportunity to learn the golf swing and to eliminate all the noise of golf swing lingo that may be hurting your game.

If you have any questions, please call me at (602) 828-GOLF, or email me at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com. I welcome the opportunity to help you.

Happy Golfing,

KJAM Radio Interview with Kendall Matthews

I was a guest on The Kendall Matthews Radio Show recently. The topic of the show: golf and networking.

For more information about Kendall Matthews please visit The Investment Real Estate Corner.