Don’t Dismiss This Golf Ball

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: October 25, 2009

The Precept Laddie

For two dozens balls under $20.00 you can go wrong buy these golf balls. This is the best cheap golf ball I have ever played. When I say cheap, I am referring to the cost. This ball is durable and has great feel [softer than you would think, no “rock feel” with this ball].

I higly recommend you try the Laddie golf ball and see/feel for yourself. I am all about saving a few bucks like most golfers. And, I know you will be very surprised how good this golf ball really is.

Golf Your Laddie,

Cactus Cooler Found On Golf Course

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: October 16, 2009

Cactus CoolerCactus Cooler.

It’s interesting to find things while playing golf. I similed as I picked up the empty can. This made my day. In fact I have the can in my golf bag as a souvenior, and smile maker [at least for me that is].

You may have something in your golf bag right now, albeit a favorite ball marker, favorie pen, towel, bag tag, photo(s), head-cover, and whatever else. It is special to you and only you.

Perhaps you may want share what’s in your golf bag, even if you think it’s corny and no one else may not be interested, I am interested in hearing your story.

Happy Times,


Student Beats Teacher

Phoenix, AZ Golf Lessons Update: October 12, 2009

Jeff Goodman plays well and beats, Robbie Camacho (me) in a friendly teacher / student match. Jeff played well enough to win the match, but a mandatory rematch is in development.

It is a pleasure to see my student Jeff improve; since we started working together at the start of April of this year. Jeff continues to make strides for a better golf swing, which will enable him to shoot lower scores. If I had to describe Jeff’s success in one word, that word would be DEDICATED. I look forward to our next phase: Lower scores!

Happy golfing,


This Will Hurt Your Golf Swing

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons / Coaching Update: October 10, 2009

There are a number of things that golfers try, because someone told them to do it. And many have tried a “golf tip” from a magazine, and websites that “GUARANTEE YOU TO CRUSH 300 YARD DRIVES.”

Stop doing the following or trying to do the following:

1. Keep your left arm straight (right hand player)

2. The shaft must be parallel at the top of the swing

3. Don’t move your head (see Jack Nicklaus move his head:

4. Shift your weight to your right leg (right hand player)

5. Hinge (cock) your wrist early in the back-swing

6. Buying a 48” driver in hopes of longer drives

7. Point your belt buckle at the target at the finish of your swing


Seek advice from a trained professional golf instructor/coach. If you would like help finding the right professional in your area, please contact me for help at rcamacho @ azgolfinstructor dot com, or (602) 828-GOLF. Also, if you are concerned and/or confused about the content your consuming from the golf magazines, please send me your questions.

Better golf,
Robbie Camacho (2)

Appreciate Your Arizona Golf Courses

The below images are golf courses that I have not played, but would hope to someday. Perhaps you have played similar type courses as shown below. If you have, then count your blessings. Even though we do not have ocean views here in Arizona, we do have some spectactular golf.

Sometimes we just miss the point of being fortunate to have the means to pay to play golf. Some of us (including me) may never get to play Pebble Beach, St. Andrews, Augusta National, and many other world famous golf courses. But we can embrace our local golf courses here in Arizona with pride and enjoyment.

So, the next time you complain about the greens, bunkers, slow fairways, and lack of a beer cart; remember you could be somewhere else thinking about playing golf.

ocean view
view 2

Happy times,

Robbie Camacho