This Will Hurt Your Golf Swing

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons / Coaching Update: October 10, 2009

There are a number of things that golfers try, because someone told them to do it. And many have tried a “golf tip” from a magazine, and websites that “GUARANTEE YOU TO CRUSH 300 YARD DRIVES.”

Stop doing the following or trying to do the following:

1. Keep your left arm straight (right hand player)

2. The shaft must be parallel at the top of the swing

3. Don’t move your head (see Jack Nicklaus move his head:

4. Shift your weight to your right leg (right hand player)

5. Hinge (cock) your wrist early in the back-swing

6. Buying a 48” driver in hopes of longer drives

7. Point your belt buckle at the target at the finish of your swing


Seek advice from a trained professional golf instructor/coach. If you would like help finding the right professional in your area, please contact me for help at rcamacho @ azgolfinstructor dot com, or (602) 828-GOLF. Also, if you are concerned and/or confused about the content your consuming from the golf magazines, please send me your questions.

Better golf,
Robbie Camacho (2)

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