Golf Lesson Gift Certificates For Holiday Season ’09

Phoenix / Scottsdale / Tempe / Arizona Golf Lessons Update: November 27, 2009

We are in the [golf] Holiday Season for 2009. This year I am offering three options for golf lesson gift certificates. You can see by clicking here.

As we close another golf year — we as golfers are always striving to get better. So my question to you is this: What are your plans for improvement in 2010? Maybe this is the year [2010] you will put more attention on the short game? Perhaps next year is the year for better golf equipment? And, maybe this is the year you will hire a golf swing coach? But what if you are happy with your golf swing? Well, why not consider receiving coaching while playing on the golf course? I am sure there are some shots you could polish, or learn how to play some new ones, right?

I encourage you to contact me if you would like answers to your golf questions, or if you need clarification on a particular issue. I will get back you within 24 hours. Feel free to call me @ 602-828-GOLF and/or email me @ rcamacho [at] azgolfinstructor [dot] com.

Happy Golf Holidays,

Do You Have The Guts To Work On Your Golf Game?

Phoenix / Scottsdale Golf Lessons Update: Monday, November 23 2009

You may have put in hard work in your education, your body, your profession, and yourself [mind, body, spirit]. But do you put in the hard work ethic as you have done in other areas? You may have many reasons why you do, or do not work hard on your golf game.

Reasons why you may not work hard on your golf:

1. “Too busy”
2. “Not enough time in the day”
3. “Work too many hours”
4. “Family”
5. “Golf takes too much time to to play 18 holes”
6. “No reason to, I still suck”
7. “Too frustrating”
8. “The more I try, the worse I get…”
9. “I don’t know what to practice”
10. “I would rather play, F the range”
11. “I bought a training aid from the TV infomercial, but I am too embarrassed to try it at the range”
12. Female Golfer: “Too many guys come up to me to try to help me, even though I did not ask for their help”
13. “I will practice tomorrow, not today, I am too tired.”
14. “It gets dark too early”
15. “It’s too hot”
16. “It’s too cold”
17. “Too expensive”
18. “I hate hitting off mats”
19. “The range balls are terrible”
20. “I am too embarassed”
21. “I don’t want to like like an ass”
22. “I really won’t do those golf drills, I saw on YouTube, Golf Channel, and PGA dot com.”
23. “I am thinking about quitting”
24. “I quit, so been there done that”
25. “The golf pro I paid $crewed me up”
26. “Waste of money”
27. “It gets dark early”
28. “I am not good enough to take this seriously, but I do wish I could play better”
29. “If I did not have a job, I would work on my game everyday”
30. “If I win the lotto, I will buy the range and practice 8 hours a day like a job”
31. “My wife hates golf”

If I missed any, please add to the above list. If you really want it bad enough, you will find the time to work very hard on your golf game. I am sure there is a driving range near you that has lights and is open 7 days per week. Some driving ranges offer a discount on range balls if you buy in bulk. I know that Fiddlesticks in Tempe offers a range pass: $75 [month] for all the range balls you can shoot. At Rio Salado Golf Course, which is also in Tempe, offers a large basket of balls for $5.00 after 5:00 [p.m].

If you are thinking about quitting golf, call me or email me. I would like to help prevent you from leaving the best sport in the world.

Happy golfing,

New Night At Fiddlesticks For Adult Golf Classes

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: November 20, 2009.

Starting Wednesday, November 25, 2009 the Adult Golf Class will move from Tuesday and Thursday to Wednesday night.

Cost: $16.00 per student including a medium basket of range balls.

There will be two time slots:

1. Beginner Level: 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
2. Intermediate Level: 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

The class is open to men and women golfers. So, if you would like to learn and receive professional coaching, I invite you to come out to Fiddlesticks in Tempe. Fiddlesticks on Elliot Rd. just east of I 10, can easily be reached from Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, and Phoenix.

Next week’s topic is the driver + fairway woods + Q & A.

Happy golfing,

Attention Golfers: Accept The Facts

Arizona / Phoenix / Tempe / Scottsdale Golf Lessons Update: Wednesday, November 18, 2009


All beginner golfers, and intermediate golfers should eliminate the following from your mind:

1. You don’t have to keep your head down.
2. You don’t have to keep your lead arm straight on the backswing.
3. You don’t have to make a “swing change” after each shot is played to fix what went wrong.
4. Accept the fact that you will drive the ball only so far per YOUR golf swing.
5. The golf ball should not be your concern.
6. You don’t have to swing the club back on a straight line until the end of your backswing.
7. You don’t have to create a “big shoulder turn.”
8. The reason you are not CONSISTENT is because you attempt to make “swing” corrections when things go wrong.
9. Do not concern yourself with how far you hit the ball.

If you would like clarification on the points above, please contact me for discussion. I will explain and answer your questions. You can reach me at (602) 828-GOLF (4653) and email at rcamacho [at] azgolfinstructor [dot] com.

Also, I am on the following platforms for discussion:

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Happy golfing,
Robbie Camacho

Are You Really Open To Learning New Things?

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Sunday, November 8 2009.

I know you want to improve your golf swing. Every golfer wants a better swing, right? So, how do you go about improving your golf swing? Do you do the following:

1. Read the latest golf magazines?
2. Do you take golf swing advice from your golf buddies?
3. Do you search for “golf tips” on the Internet, perhaps YouTube? There are 16,700 videos (as of this blog post) on YouTube for “golf tips.”
4. Golf Books?
5. Golf Instruction DVD’s?
7. The Golf Channel?
8. Internet search for “golf secrets”

There is golf swing help everywhere. If you really want to improve, then you need to work hard to make it happen. But working hard on your golf swing for a better golf game is no guarantee for lower scores. You need to fully understand how to swing the golf club. If you are hooked on this game, and you plan to play for the rest of your life, then why not ask for a professional to help you. The right professional golf swing coach can help you achieve your goals.

– Robbie Camacho
Robbie Camacho (2)

Play Private Golf Courses Without Being A Member

Golf Lessons in Phoenix, Arizona update: Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Would you like to play a private golf course? But you can’t get on because you are not a member. Well, now you can, thanks to boxgroove. To join is simple. All you have to do is sign up and pay just $49 [first 2000 golfers] for a 12-month subscription. For the benefits of joining click here.

I highly recommend you consider joining, and take advantage of the may benefits the membership has to offer. I have worked at some of the finest private clubs in the country, and I can assure you if you have not played a private club – you will enjoy the experience.

Attention Arizona Golfers: Here are the current courses offered with more to come in the near future.

Corte Bell Golf Club
Corte Bela Golf Club

Red Mountain Ranch CC
Red Mountain Ranch CC

Happy Golf,

Evening Photos at Rio Salado Golf Course

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons update: Monday, November 2, 2009

Hole #2 with #3 hole in background

hole #2 at Rio Salado Golf Course, Tempe, AZ

Hole #1 gold tee box

hole #1 Rio Salado Golf Course

Hole #3 Rio Salado

Hole #3 Rio Salado

Hole #1 black tee box Rio Salado Golf Course

Hole #1 black tee box at Rio Salado

“water hazzard” hole #2 Rio Salado Golf Course

Hole #2 "water hazzard" Rio Salado G.C.

I had a great time taking these photos while playing today. The day was warm at 86 degrees. And with the over-seed done, the golf course is looking sharp.

The next time you visit Rio, give some praise to J.D., Robert, Steve, Mike, and Jim. The guys work hard! And I know they really care about the course.

Happy Golfing,
Robbie Camacho