The best way to learn how to play the game of golf is on the golf course. And for the advanced player, a playing lesson can help with lower scores. Here in Arizona we are blessed with many golf courses to choose from. I my opinion: Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe, AZ is a great place to play and…

Golf Interview At Fiddlesticks in Tempe, Arizona

Arizona Golf Lessons Update – December 17, 2009 Yesterday I interviewed James on the driving range at Fiddlesticks. The purpose of the interview is to learn from others as to how real golfers practice on the driving range. I will feature one “driving range interview” per week here at, so keep coming back to watch. “James Interview” Happy Golfing,

New Golf Club(s) For Christmas?

Arizona, Phoenix Golf Lessons Update: Thursday, December 11, 2009 I made it my goal to offer golf swing help and golf game help to all golfers. So here is my 2009 Christmas offer: If you receive a new golf club or a set of golf clubs for Christmas, then I will offer you a 45-minute lesson at no lesson fee….

Women's Golf Equipment

Phoenix – Scottsdale – Tempe – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Wednesday, December 10, 2009 Are women’s golf clubs that much different than men’s golf clubs? Can women play with men’s clubs? Can a man play with women’s clubs if he so desires? So, what’s the deal? Women’s Golf Clubs 1. Generally lighter as far as shaft weight and overall weight….

My Student Receives A Rude Awakening At PGA Tour Store

Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 9, 2009 A few weeks back my student told me about a horrible experience at PGA Tour Store. According to my student, the story goes like this: Jeff [my student] walks into the PGA Tour Store with all good intentions of buying a new driver. So, Jeff walks over to the hitting bays and is…

Golf Instruction Option$

Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 1, 2009 I just posted here new lesson/coaching option for adults and kids. I understand you may have some reservations for paying for golf help, and I respect that. After all, most of you reading this blog have never met me — you only know what is posted here on this golf…