Arizona Golf Playing Lessons For 2010

The best way to learn how to play the game of golf is on the golf course. And for the advanced player, a playing lesson can help with lower scores. Here in Arizona we are blessed with many golf courses to choose from. I my opinion: Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe, AZ is a great place to play and learn the game on. Yes, I teach and coach there, but for the money it’s worth it. And, by the way, they added new yellow range balls. These are not the limited flight ones – they go long.

Why a play lesson? Well, I get the opportunity to see what my students can do in real playing situations. The playing lesson will cover all parts of his or golf swing and golf game from full swing to the short game. The play lesson is just not limited to “golf swing” coaching, but rules of the game, and golf course etiquette are parts that must me learned and understood too.

For more information, please call me or email me. And for pricing click here.

– Robbie Camacho

It’s Not Too Late To Purchase Golf Lesson Certificates For Christmas

With Christmas just a few short days way, I wanted to remind all that it is not too late to purchase golf lesson gift certificates. The “Holiday $pecials” here on this website are good until December 31. 2009.

Merry Christmas,


Golf Interview At Fiddlesticks in Tempe, Arizona

Arizona Golf Lessons Update – December 17, 2009

Yesterday I interviewed James on the driving range at Fiddlesticks. The purpose of the interview is to learn from others as to how real golfers practice on the driving range. I will feature one “driving range interview” per week here at, so keep coming back to watch.

“James Interview”

Happy Golfing,

Attention Golfers: Fix Your Pitch Mark [Divot] On the Green

Phoenix/Scottsdle/Tempe/Arizona Golf Lessons Update for Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am seeing an ridiculous amount on divots of late on the greens at Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe. And, a great number of divots as I recently played Western Skies in Gilbert, AZ. If you do not know how to fix your divot, then watch this short video. It only takes a few seconds to repair your pitch mark, and while you repair yours; be so kind to repair another…


This post is NOT to be taken as “negative” towards the above mentioned golf courses. Both course are in fine playing conditions.

New Golf Club(s) For Christmas?

Arizona, Phoenix Golf Lessons Update: Thursday, December 11, 2009

I made it my goal to offer golf swing help and golf game help to all golfers. So here is my 2009 Christmas offer: If you receive a new golf club or a set of golf clubs for Christmas, then I will offer you a 45-minute lesson at no lesson fee. The only cost is a medium basket of range balls.

Terms: 1 lesson per person and must purchase a medium basket of range balls. To redeem this offer you must book your golf lesson no later than Saturday, January 30, 2010.

Happy Golfing,

Women’s Golf Equipment

Phoenix – Scottsdale – Tempe – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: Wednesday, December 10, 2009

Are women’s golf clubs that much different than men’s golf clubs? Can women play with men’s clubs? Can a man play with women’s clubs if he so desires? So, what’s the deal?

Women’s Golf Clubs

Adams Golf For Women

1. Generally lighter as far as shaft weight and overall weight.
2. Loft angles are generally higher in drivers and fairway clubs.
3. Grip size is smaller [diameter of grip thinner].
4. Set makeup [modern – circa 2006] to include fewer irons as shown in above photo.
5. Colors of clubs, shafts, balls, accessories are definitely marketed as feminine.
6. *Shaft torque tends to be on the high.

Ladies Golf Clubs

The reason why the golf club manufactures build clubs lighter for women is beacuse they are assuming women are not a s strong as a man. Well, in most cases that is true. The clubs are lighter to make it easier for women to swing the club. Also, the grip size is “smaller” because women tend to have smaller hands. The reason loft angles are higher in drivers and fairway clubs is to help the lady golfer carry the ball higher in the air. The *shaft torque – is a measurement in number of degrees at the shaft tip. The higher the torque rating [e.g. 5.0 degrees of torque] will give the player a softer feeling shaft overall. Also, the higher the torque maybe suitable for women because they tend to have slower swing speeds. Thus a low torque rating, say a 1.8 degrees in a driver shaft would be suitable to a player that swings over 105 miles per hour. And, the marketing of women’s clubs use to be this: Men’s clubs that were cut shorter in length, a blue grip, and maybe a flower stamp on the club. That used to be the norm. But in today’s marketplace, the ladies have more choices and better equipment to play with, just like the men do.
Ping Golf Women's
If you are a lady golfer and would like answers to your golf equipment questions, please contact me at 602-828-GOLF. You can also email me at rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com.

Recommend links for women’s golf clubs:

Adams Golf
Callaway Golf
Ping Golf

Happy Golfing,

My Student Receives A Rude Awakening At PGA Tour Store

Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 9, 2009

A few weeks back my student told me about a horrible experience at PGA Tour Store. According to my student, the story goes like this:

Jeff [my student] walks into the PGA Tour Store PGA TOUR STORE with all good intentions of buying a new driver. So, Jeff walks over to the hitting bays and is greeted by one of the “pro’s.” Jeff informs the “pro” that he would like help to determine which driver in their stock is best for him. Jeff proceeds to swing different drivers. The “pro” based on his “expertise” tells Jeff what he is doing WRONG. The “pro” now tells Jeff what he needs to do to have a better swing. Remember, Jeff did not go there to get a golf swing evaluation and lesson. Jeff went there to buy a driver.

Jeff was discouraged and feeling very uncomfortable as the critiquing and “golf lesson” continued. After twenty minutes of this disaster of an episode, Jeff was done. Jeff told me, the experience was miserable, and would never want to go through that again. So the story ends with my student, not buying a driver, and he was left with a bitter taste of PGA Tour Store gone wildly wrong.

Golfers: What Do You Want To Accomplish In Golf In 2010?

Phoenix – Tempe – Scottsdale – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 8, 2009

As we come to the end of another golf year what do you intend to do to improve for 2010? Are you going to buy new golf clubs? Are you going to buy new golf instructional videos like the ones you see on the Golf Channel? Are you going to study via a new golf instructional book? Maybe you have been thinking about having your golf swing put on video and a have a golf swing teacher compare yours with a Tour Pro for comparison? This way, the teaching pro can tell you what you are doing wrong, not that you already don’t know that.

Whatever course of action you take, consider what is really best for you and your golf game. If you don’t know, I am sure you can ask via Google, and perhaps YouTube. I am offering you, the reader of this blog the opprtunity to speak to a real person (me), to help answer any questions you have for the following:

“I want more distance, so how do add I more?”

“I hit my shots fat and thin, why?”

“My arm (left) hurts as I swing back, because I’m trying to keep it straight like the Tour Pro’s, so why does my arm hurt?”

“My goal is to be a scratch golfer, so how long will it take me to achieve, because right now I am 15 handicap?”

“I either blade the ball out of the sand, or I leave the ball in the sand, what am I do wrong?”

“I was told to use my lower body on the downswing to hit it longer, but it does not work, why?”

“I am try to fire my hips really hard on my transition, but I sky my drives, how do I stop that?”

“As I get closer to the green, say 85 yards to 35 yards to the green, I hit it fat and thin, what can I do to hit more greens from short distances?”

“I think I need a new driver, but which one is best for me?”

“I don’t understand why I can’t play shots with my 60 degree wedge.” “I play much better shots with my 54 degree wedge.” “Why?”

“I am a strong guy, so why is that my buddies out drive me every time we play?”

“Why does my ball keep going to the left?”

If you would like an answer to one of the above questions, or you have another, please call. I would like to help you. I offer help to everyone I meet. There is no fee to call to receive help. The only cost is your time. I will respond to you within 24 hours. I can be reached at 602-828-GOLF or email rcamacho [at] azgolfinstructor [dot] com.

Happy Golfing,

Golf Instruction Option$

Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 1, 2009

I just posted here new lesson/coaching option for adults and kids. I understand you may have some reservations for paying for golf help, and I respect that. After all, most of you reading this blog have never met me — you only know what is posted here on this golf blog. So, that is why I am offering golf instruction [lessons] and coaching price points that I think most Arizona golfers from beginner, intermediate, and advanced can afford.

I welcome the opportunity to help you improve your golf swing and golf game right here in Tempe, Arizona. I am sure you would like answers to your golf questions, and perhaps answers to why your golf ball is not flying to your target as often as you would like. So, feel free to contact me by phone and/or email. I will respond within 24 hours.

Happy December Golfing,