Golfers: What Do You Want To Accomplish In Golf In 2010?

Phoenix – Tempe – Scottsdale – Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 8, 2009

As we come to the end of another golf year what do you intend to do to improve for 2010? Are you going to buy new golf clubs? Are you going to buy new golf instructional videos like the ones you see on the Golf Channel? Are you going to study via a new golf instructional book? Maybe you have been thinking about having your golf swing put on video and a have a golf swing teacher compare yours with a Tour Pro for comparison? This way, the teaching pro can tell you what you are doing wrong, not that you already don’t know that.

Whatever course of action you take, consider what is really best for you and your golf game. If you don’t know, I am sure you can ask via Google, and perhaps YouTube. I am offering you, the reader of this blog the opprtunity to speak to a real person (me), to help answer any questions you have for the following:

“I want more distance, so how do add I more?”

“I hit my shots fat and thin, why?”

“My arm (left) hurts as I swing back, because I’m trying to keep it straight like the Tour Pro’s, so why does my arm hurt?”

“My goal is to be a scratch golfer, so how long will it take me to achieve, because right now I am 15 handicap?”

“I either blade the ball out of the sand, or I leave the ball in the sand, what am I do wrong?”

“I was told to use my lower body on the downswing to hit it longer, but it does not work, why?”

“I am try to fire my hips really hard on my transition, but I sky my drives, how do I stop that?”

“As I get closer to the green, say 85 yards to 35 yards to the green, I hit it fat and thin, what can I do to hit more greens from short distances?”

“I think I need a new driver, but which one is best for me?”

“I don’t understand why I can’t play shots with my 60 degree wedge.” “I play much better shots with my 54 degree wedge.” “Why?”

“I am a strong guy, so why is that my buddies out drive me every time we play?”

“Why does my ball keep going to the left?”

If you would like an answer to one of the above questions, or you have another, please call. I would like to help you. I offer help to everyone I meet. There is no fee to call to receive help. The only cost is your time. I will respond to you within 24 hours. I can be reached at 602-828-GOLF or email rcamacho [at] azgolfinstructor [dot] com.

Happy Golfing,

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