My Student Receives A Rude Awakening At PGA Tour Store

Arizona Golf Lessons Update: December 9, 2009

A few weeks back my student told me about a horrible experience at PGA Tour Store. According to my student, the story goes like this:

Jeff [my student] walks into the PGA Tour Store PGA TOUR STORE with all good intentions of buying a new driver. So, Jeff walks over to the hitting bays and is greeted by one of the “pro’s.” Jeff informs the “pro” that he would like help to determine which driver in their stock is best for him. Jeff proceeds to swing different drivers. The “pro” based on his “expertise” tells Jeff what he is doing WRONG. The “pro” now tells Jeff what he needs to do to have a better swing. Remember, Jeff did not go there to get a golf swing evaluation and lesson. Jeff went there to buy a driver.

Jeff was discouraged and feeling very uncomfortable as the critiquing and “golf lesson” continued. After twenty minutes of this disaster of an episode, Jeff was done. Jeff told me, the experience was miserable, and would never want to go through that again. So the story ends with my student, not buying a driver, and he was left with a bitter taste of PGA Tour Store gone wildly wrong.

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