Women’s Golf Equipment

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Are women’s golf clubs that much different than men’s golf clubs? Can women play with men’s clubs? Can a man play with women’s clubs if he so desires? So, what’s the deal?

Women’s Golf Clubs

Adams Golf For Women

1. Generally lighter as far as shaft weight and overall weight.
2. Loft angles are generally higher in drivers and fairway clubs.
3. Grip size is smaller [diameter of grip thinner].
4. Set makeup [modern – circa 2006] to include fewer irons as shown in above photo.
5. Colors of clubs, shafts, balls, accessories are definitely marketed as feminine.
6. *Shaft torque tends to be on the high.

Ladies Golf Clubs

The reason why the golf club manufactures build clubs lighter for women is beacuse they are assuming women are not a s strong as a man. Well, in most cases that is true. The clubs are lighter to make it easier for women to swing the club. Also, the grip size is “smaller” because women tend to have smaller hands. The reason loft angles are higher in drivers and fairway clubs is to help the lady golfer carry the ball higher in the air. The *shaft torque – is a measurement in number of degrees at the shaft tip. The higher the torque rating [e.g. 5.0 degrees of torque] will give the player a softer feeling shaft overall. Also, the higher the torque maybe suitable for women because they tend to have slower swing speeds. Thus a low torque rating, say a 1.8 degrees in a driver shaft would be suitable to a player that swings over 105 miles per hour. And, the marketing of women’s clubs use to be this: Men’s clubs that were cut shorter in length, a blue grip, and maybe a flower stamp on the club. That used to be the norm. But in today’s marketplace, the ladies have more choices and better equipment to play with, just like the men do.
Ping Golf Women's
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