Arizona Golf Playing Lessons For 2010

The best way to learn how to play the game of golf is on the golf course. And for the advanced player, a playing lesson can help with lower scores. Here in Arizona we are blessed with many golf courses to choose from. I my opinion: Rio Salado Golf Course in Tempe, AZ is a great place to play and learn the game on. Yes, I teach and coach there, but for the money it’s worth it. And, by the way, they added new yellow range balls. These are not the limited flight ones – they go long.

Why a play lesson? Well, I get the opportunity to see what my students can do in real playing situations. The playing lesson will cover all parts of his or golf swing and golf game from full swing to the short game. The play lesson is just not limited to “golf swing” coaching, but rules of the game, and golf course etiquette are parts that must me learned and understood too.

For more information, please call me or email me. And for pricing click here.

– Robbie Camacho

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