Attention Arizona Golf Fans: Are You Reading What To Do, But Not Improving Your Golf Swing?

For all Arizona golfers and golfers worldwide: Update for January 12, 2009

You probably have read many golf tips and articles from all the major golf publications such as, Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Illustrated, Golf Tips, Golf For Women, Senior Golfer, Golf Week, and your local free golf publications. But are you really improving your golf swing? Do you get frustrated to the point of giving up? Are you desperate to “try” anything at this point? Well, even the best player(s)TW get frustrated too. But of course it’s at a different level of frustration, right? After all they are the best on the planet.

Well, you are not only reading from the mags, you are probably getting swing advice from your buddies,, Golf Channel, DVD’s, and the Internet. But here is what you are not getting [most of the time] the reasons of “why” and “because.” I am sure at some time in your golf history someone told you to keep your eye on the ball, keep your head down, turn your shoulders, fire your hips, hold the club as if you were holding a bird, right? But very few will tell you “why” and “because why.” As a golfer you need to know why you should do “something,” and that “something” is to learn how to swing the golf club.

For more information on how to “swing” the golf club, please contact me at (602) 828-GOLF, or email rcamacho at azgolfinstructor dot com. If you would like the answers, I will tell you “why” and “because.”

Happy Golfing In 2010,

Robbie Camacho

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