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Robbie-CamachoPhoenix, AZ Golf Lessons: Update by Robbie Camacho for January 21, 2010

I re-shafted my Ping G5Ping G5 9 degree driver with the Superio HM-50T. I was originally going to re-shaft my Taylor Made R7 driver, but I went ahead with the Ping G5. The shaft and head worked out very well. Here are my specs: Superio HM-50 T X Flex 45.25 long. If you are in the market for a new shaft, then do consider Superio Golf Shafts, I highly recommend this shaft company.

About Superio Golf Shafts
Superio HM-50T
Superio HM-50T uses Full-Length 50T grade carbon sheets plus Nano technology. They strongly believe the higher-grade 50T carbon material will help you gain much better results. You will find the shaft produces a very tight shot dispersion, great feel, and incredible ease of control. I can certainly attest to the following:

1. Tighter dispersion as compared to the OEM shaft in my Ping G5.
2. Longer carry.
3. More roll.
4. Longer drives [for me: 270 yards – 290 yards.]
5. Tip stiff [my preference]
6. Mid-flex [my preference]
7. Great feel
8. Aesthetically pleasing colors and graphics

For more information about Superio Golf: Visit their website at Also, follow them on Twitter.

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