You Do Not Want To Pay For Golf Lessons, Right?

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update – January 27, 2010

There are many reasons why golfers and new golfers will not pay for lessons. Perhaps you have taken golf lessons, but you still have not improved. Did you take golf lessons, but did improve only to go back to being frustrated? Are you reluctant to take lessons for fear of failure and wasting your money. mad golferWhy pay if your skeptical, right? Why pay because you do not trust the golf instructor, right? Your friend is a golfer and he will coach you, right? You are thinking of hiring the guy on Craigslist who says, “why pay high lesson rates, I only charge $15 per half hour.” There is a reason why he charges only $15 dollars.

Here is what I recommend you do: Look up the definition of “swing.” Also, see if you can find the definition of “swing” in any golf magazine; good luck in find it. If you would like help to find the right golf instructor for you, then please contact me by phone and/or email.

Better Golf for 2010,

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