Bunker Practice at Western Skies Golf Course in Gilbert, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona Golf Lessons Update: 02.04.10

I am often asked this question: “How many golf lessons do I need?” My answers:

1. ‘It depends on how good you want to be.’
2. ‘Are will willing to work very hard?’
3. ‘Will you put in more time to work hard on your short game?’

To be good at golf is subject to your definition of what ‘good’ means to you. We all have strengths and flaws with our game, so you need to always work on both parts. Today I spent 90 minutes at Western Skies Golf Course in Gilbert, AZ. W S Golf Course

Here is how I managed 90 minutes for practice:

1. 30 minutes for bunker shots.
2. 30 minutes for chipping.
3. 30 minutes for putting.

The bottom line is this: If you love the game of golf, then work is not such a bad word. You just can’t kid yourself about your time to practice or not to practice. You need to make the decision to accept your current level of play, or make a commitment to do whatever it takes [within reason] to seek improvement. By the way, you probably will not see any major improvements from the golf magazines.

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Better Golf Today & Tomorrow, Robbie Camacho Robbie_Camacho

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